For Generations, since 1868, when JR Watkins began producing quality natural, organic, gourmet, and grocery items, Customers have sought those selling Watkins Products. Creating an Incredible Opportunity! Join our Team!

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How Home Business Has Changed

Many people think of Home Business, especially Direct Sales, Network-Marketing, and Multi-Level Sales, in a negative light. Often these are misconceptions left over from the early days of a well meaning Industry. An Industry like an other that has grown and evolved over the Years. In the early years you would get your membership

New Watkins Products Catalogs Now Available – Reps Needed

The New Watkins Products Catalog is Now Available in both Canada and the USA! It promises to be a great Catalog, with a number of New Watkins Products! Products like Watkins Herbs and Spices, Men's Products, and even Candles! Get Your Catalog Here For Email Marketing you can trust. This new Watkins Products Catalog and the New