For Generations, since 1868, when JR Watkins began producing quality natural, organic, gourmet, and grocery items, Customers have sought those selling Watkins Products. Creating an Incredible Opportunity! Join our Team!

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Herbs & Spices now available in Canada and the USA

Watkins Herbs & Spices are now available in Otha Canada and the United States and not only are we excited to get them, we are also excited for the opportunity this presents! Watkins has always provided great products and a great opportunity to earn an income with Watkins Products. However, now, with the reintroduction

What Are Your Favorite Herbs & Spices

No matter what you're cooking you are sure to see, and taste, the difference Watkins can make!  What are Your Favorite Watkins Herbs & Spices?  We used some of ours to make this delicious Roast Chicken!  Incredible flavours come not from quick cooked, store bought, barbecued poulets, but from larger, more mature Chickens bought straight from the

5th Place For Team Sales for April 2017 

I honestly hesitate to post this, because with Watkins, especially on our Team, we go out of our way to downplay how good it is, under promise and do our best to over deliver, and avoid Hype in our promotion of both Watkins Products, and the Watkins Products Business Income Opportunity! Perhaps these are

Stats Canada Shows 17% of Canada’s Population are Over Age 65

At a time when many Companies are targeting Babies, New Parents, Tweens, and Millenniums, it's nice to know that Seniors, which now compose the largest segment of Canada's Population according to Stats Canada, readily recognizes, and embraces, Watkins Products. Likewise in the United States (USA). According to the Population Reference Bureau The number of


The 4TH ANNUAL CADET SPRING COMMUNITY FUNDRAISER Yardsale is with items donated to the cadets. Donations are later resold, with proceeds going to the cadets. In the spirit of ‘pay it forward’, items not sold are donated back to local charities. Donations from our event will be primarily going to The Humanity Project.  The Yardsale