Briden Farm Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

Briden Farm is located in Bear River, Nova Scotia. It’s also our Homestead. Brian loves to bake, and when we found this recipe, or another version of it and adapted it, we decided to share it with You!

Honestly, we started with the Chipits Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe and tweaked it to our liking. First, let me say the recipe on Hershey’s website is better than the one on the bag! Mainly because on the bag Step 2 begins by saying, “Stir 2-2/3 cups flour … in a separate bowl”. So, I mistakenly stirred in the flour and then realized I should have used a separate bowl for the flour and dry ingredients. Then add in the butter mixture. So, Step 2 should really begin by saying, “In a separate bowl…”.

To make up for my mistake, and still be able to add in the additional dry ingredients of Baking Powder, Sosa, and Salt, I added them to an extra egg that I whisked up with a fork. It was lumpy, and took extra stirring when added to the dough, but still worked well in the oven. Of course, I used Briden Farm Free Range Eggs, and the extra egg just added some nice richness. I also used a teaspoon of Watkins Pure Mint Extract. Thus making these nice rich, minty, chocolate chip cookies!

So the Briden Farm Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe is the same as the Chipits Recipe, with a teaspoon of Watkins Pure Mint and an extra egg. The cookies were baked in the Wood Stove Oven at Briden Farm and they turned out beautifully and got rave reviews! Just look…