Brian Hurlburt

After years of searching, joining, and investigating, a vast number of Home Based, MLM, Networking, Commissioned Sales and Small Business options, I've discovered the one that really works for us! Watkins! After overcoming my own skepticism, left over by past experiences with other business, our business began to flourish. Starting off I never even wanted to build a Team of Associates! Yet, by March 2010, our 6th Month with Watkins, I had enrolled 5 Associates. I enrolled 4 in March at the urging of our Watkins Manager, Dawn Thompson. I did it mainly to prove it wouldn't work! However, it did work! As a result of seeing it work for our new Associates I continued to enroll and grow our Watkins Business. I became an Independent Watkins Manager (Associate ID# 342198) after only 9 months in June of 2010! By the end of August 2010 we had developed a Team of 12 Watkins Sales Associates across the Canadian Maritimes. By the end of our First year Sept 2010 we'd created personal sales of $12,995 in our first year! As well as an additional $10,000 in Sales within our Associate Base! So, we had developed a Business with first year sales in the area of $23,000! That got my attention! You see, when I joined it was mainly to get our own products at wholesale and save 25% and to have the products available to order for our neighbours who suffer from gluten issues. So, when we did first year sales of approximately $23,000, it definitely got my attention! Seeing it work for all our Associates! That gave me the confidence I needed to really start treating this thing like a Business! In the Past 2 Months, Sept and Oct 2010, our Business and our number of Sales Associates, has doubled!!! We've been able to take 3 of our newest Associates, those who are Coachable and put our suggestion into play, into Bonus Income Levels within their first month/s! This to me is the most important part of building a successful Business, and Business, being able to help those we introduce to our Products and Business and Income Opportunity!