Watkins Associates Connecting With Women in Business

The ”Women’s Winterlude Trade Fair Exhibition being held at Rodd’s Grand Hotel, Saturday January 21st, 2012 from 9am to 4pm. sponsored by the Yarmouth Connecting Women in Business Group There is something for everyone, self-care, fitness, health, leisure, lifestyle, work, career and life planning products, services, and income opportunities for women in business; or those

Brian Hurlburt Becomes Watkins All Star!!!

Brian Hurlburt joined Watkins as a Wholesale Customer in September 2009 and didn't think Watkins would work! In fact when he joined Brian told His Watkins Sponsor Angela Horsfal, and Watkins Manager Dawn Thompson, Don't expect much! Brian planned to have gluten free products for his neighbours and to save 25% on his own products!