Watch for this Car in a Community near You!

It is incredible how many people respond when they see our Magnetic Watkins Products Sign on our vehicle! This particular picture was taken in front of W.W. Doak in Doaktown, New Brunswick, Canada. 30 years ago, W.W.Doak was a major supplier for my previous business B.W. Hurlburt Fly Tying. I am yet to get

Finding Watkins Associates In Newfoundland

Watkins began back in 1868, was the first Company ever to offer a Money Back Guarantee! The Watkins Guarantee states: If a Watkins product used in the home is, for any reason, considered not to be satisfactory, please return it to your Independent Watkins Associate for exchange or full refund of purchase price. So, what does this have to

Years Of Investigation Reveals Industry Secrets

Let me reveal what I've discovered! Over the past 30 or so years I've seen a number of Home Based, Sales, and Retail Businesses. I began my own foray into the business world before I was 14 years old! I began tying fishing flys and selling them to local fisherman, stores, and some mail order. (Of