How Does Your Pension Income Compare To Ours?

Recently on Social Media I saw one of my Cousins complaining about the struggles He and other Seniors face upon retirement. What really surprised me was that our average Watkins Manager earns what he gets, and after about 3-4 months with Watkins! Not the 30-40 years most Seniors have worked to get the same

A Business for All Seasons!

Watkins is truly a Business for All Seasons! While other Business depend heavily on the Christmas Holiday Season, or are dependent on other Seasonal situations, Watkins provides us with an incredible year round Business Opportunity! True, our Sales do build prior to Christmas, and our Biggest month of the Year is usually November, but because

Success Breeds Success and a New Approach of Seeking Managers

Success Breeds Success and a New Approach of Seeking Managers! First I want to begin by Congratulating ALL our Watkins Products Team Members on an Incredible, Record Breaking November! As a Team We had nearly $70,000.00 in Sales in November 2015, up over 46% over November 2014. Proving an ongoing commitment by our Watkins

Ever Wonder Why, Or How, I Became A Successful Leader?

Before coming to Watkins in Sept 2009 I had been with at least 6 other Companies! Nothing had worked for Me!!! So, I didn't think Watkins would work either! Do You Want to know why Watkins worked, and will work for You Too!? Watch the following Video where I'm interviewed about my success with