When It’s To Be It’s Not Always Up To Me

When I began with Watkins I was so skeptical I never dreamed it would work!

In fact it’s really only been the last few months I’d allow Myself to dream at all!

You see, I’d tried about every other Business out there, and nothing had worked for Me.

So, when I began with Watkins I didn’t think it would be any different; why would it be?

Well, I could say it’s the Products and the overwhelming Customer demand! Or that it may be because I’m a different person these days and with a different life philosophy comes different opportunities. Or any number of other reasons!

However, the more I think about it, the more I believe it’s “To Be”!!!

I also believe that when it’s to be, it’s not always up to Me!!!

Now, I’ve worked, part time for the past two years, and laid a good ground work.

However, it’s weeks like this, actually months like this, when if it’s to be I think it just is!!!

I’m so busy this month in my personal life it’s really difficult for me to find time for Watkins!!! However, My Business is growing, our Sales volume is Growing, New Sales Associates are signing themselves up, and I’m even benefiting from some unexpected advertising!!! (I had a Call today from a Lady who saw My Toll Free # on a Work Program being handed out by an Unemployment Agency! It’s an error! It’s not something I’ve done! Yet, I’m benefiting from it!) Pretty good, eh! (Yes, I’m Canadian, eh!)

So, I think, believe, there are powers beyond myself that come into play!

My dear old Aunt used to say, “God is good… All the Time!!!”

So, I believe, when it’s to be it’s not always up to Me!

That doesn’t excuse Me from my duties and responsibilities, but makes me more committed. After all if it’s “To Be” and I do my Part… Just Imagine what it can be!”

If You’d like to learn more about Watkins, or Watkins Products, and discover if it’s “To Be” for You too, contact me Bronze Manager, Brian Hurlburt, ID#342198 at 877-822-8463 (Toll Free).







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