When I joined Watkins I had Given Up on My Dreams and Couldn’t Even Set Goals

When I came to J.R. Watkins Products Company, it was after trying at least 6 Home Businesses, some of them two or three times! I had worked in Commissioned Sales, and although I was a great salesman and often in the top of the field, especially for New Sales Reps, but I had become discouraged.

You see, I looked at my first Home Business when I was too Young, 14 Years old and looking over my sisters shoulder, and over the years I had looked at hundreds of businesses, and tried several. However, they were full of empty promises, and I had become so discouraged I had given up my dreams and had stopped setting goals. You might say, I was 40 something and had started drifting through life, settling for, rather than striving for!

So what happened?

I’m glad You asked, and I’m glad I joined Watkins!

I honestly didn’t think it would work, and only really joined to get my 25% discount!

However once I saw the tremendous customer demand I began selling some product, letting people know I had the products and in my first full month of Oct 2009 I became a Silver Consultant and sold approximately $1,500 in Product! Far more than I dreamed possible when I joined!

Then, by November 2009 my phone started to ring, people heard I was selling Watkins Products, or wanted to reorder, or place a second order, and much to my surprise, I sold another $1,500 in Watkins Products!

By this time, I had established my Customer Base, and yet, with winter setting in I sort of backed off a little, and ended my first three months with Watkins with about $3,500 in sales! Far more than I expected when I joined to get my 25% Discount.

Then long about Feb 2010, my Manager, Dawn Thompson, came to me and said, “Brian, I know Your one of the one’s who can sell your way to Manager Level, and I know how You feel about Sponsoring, but if You have just 5 People with You, in your third month as Manager, You’ll qualify for a Bonus of up to $500.00,”

I responded with the classic, “Talk to the hand, the face isn’t listening!” Which is actually out of character for me, but it was a physical gut reaction! After all, I knew that wouldn’t work! I’d been down that road with other Companies, and I was not interested in recruiting!

Yet, I went home and thought about it and decided by the end of March 2010 I’d have my 5 people and then, when it didn’t work, I could look at my Manager, Dawn Thompson, and say, “See, I told You it wouldn’t work”, and go back to selling at my own pace! Well, I did have my 5 people and one of them is still with us 3-1/2 years later! 😉

So, I was wrong! It did work, and has been working well every since!

We went on to do about $32,000 in Team Sales in 2010 working just part time, and have just done about $2,800 in Team Sales over the past 6 Days! However, I’m getting ahead of my self, if You’d like to know more, please read So How did we do $32,000 Team Sales in 2010 and You’ll also discover what changed, and how I come to set goals, and began to dream again, and what was about to happen! 😉

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