Watkins Webinars Provide Information For Earning Income With Watkins Products

If you just come here today, 21 Nov 2013,
likely in response to my email Invitation
I included the wrong link!

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Join Our Watkins Webinar To Learn To Earn Income With Watkins Products!
21 Nov 2013

Watkins Webinars Provide Information For Earning Income With Watkins Products, the information needed to make an informed decision! An overview of Watkins Products, and what we do as Watkins Products Consultants.

These Watkins Corporate Webinars also provide great Training Opportunities for Watkins Consultants as well as a great time to connect with other Watkins Products Consultants and Corporate Staff.

“We really enjoy the Watkins Corporate Webinars with Senior Leadership Development Manager, Carmen Mir, and find them a valuable resource for introducing new prospects to Watkins business information, as well as Consultant training, and over all team development. We look forward to each Webinar, knowing we’ll glean some new element of truth and understanding- plus experience the growing camaraderie with other Watkins Consultants.” – Brian Hurlburt Watkins Manager 2012 All Star

Independent Watkins Manager
Brian Hurlburt (ID#342198)
Toll Free: 877-822-8463

“Recipient of Watkins 1st Place Manager Award in June 2013”

Watkins Business Information Webinar:
Date: Wednesday, 24 October, 2013
Time: 9pm NT, 8:30pm Atlantic, 7:30pm ET, 6:30pm CT, 5:30pm MT, and 4:30pm PT
Topic: Watkins Business Information Webinar
URL: https://connectpro69052429.adobeconnect.com/_a951365285/watkinsbusinessinformation/

Click on the above address, or copy & paste or type it into your web browser and enter.
This will take you to the webinar where you will be asked to enter your name as a guest.
You must login as a guest to enter the Watkins Meeting Room, click on “enter as a guest”.
If You are already a Team Member on our Team Please enter your name and ID number.

To participate you must have Adobe Flash Player installed on your computer. Most will already have this installed, but if you do not, it can be downloaded for free by going to http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/.

Looking for a fun way to earn some extra income?
We’re looking for people to help service our Watkins Customers,
And help further expand our Customer Base! For more information,
please call Independent Watkins Manager Brian Hurlburt (ID#342198)
Toll Free 877-822-8463

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