Our Watkins Sales Associates Team Grew By 30% In August 2011

Wow what an incredible month! Our Watkins Sales Associates Team Grew By 30% In August 2011!!! It was fast paced with 12 new associates joining our Watkins Sales Associate Team in August.

We finished the month with 50 Sales Associates in 37 Communities spreading across 5 Canadian Provinces and 2 US States!

Not a bad track record for a Watkins Group that started when I joined Watkins in Sept 2009. Bearing in mind I wasn’t interested in enrolling people, nor building a Sales Team, for my first 6 months and began sponsoring only to prove it wouldn’t work! Imagine what can be accomplished when skepticism turns to belief; which didn’t happen for me till last summer when we reached our third month at Manager Level and had a team of 12 by the end of August 2010. Now one year later, we have a Team of 50!!!

By personally enrolling 11 new Associates in Aug 2011 and helping one of them to enroll a new Associate we did in one month what it took us a year to do when ruled by doubt!

Believing is the difference and Watkins has delivered every step of the way and so believing has become an empowering part of the process.

People love Watkins Products and with a Company that continues to grow after 143 years it’s also an incredible income opportunity and people are looking for ways to save money, earn an extra income, and provide better customer service for those in their areas.

What we’ve discovered over the years is that “People love Watkins, and just need someone to get it from” … that’s what we hear most from our new Watkins Associates.

Watkins continues to be much sought after and in many areas people want to purchase Watkins Products but have no one to buy it from! Do we have a Watkins Products Rep in your area? (Check Our Associates Page) If not, and you, or someone you know, are looking for a great way to earn some extra income on a part or full time basis contact us and we’d be glad to discuss it with you and see how Watkins may be the right fit for you.

Contact Brian Hurlburt, recipient of the Top Consultant and New Manager of the Year Awards for North America, toll free at 877-822-8463.

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