Watkins Products Specials For Customers In The USA for March 2013

Watkins Products Specials For Customers In The USA for March 2013

For a full listing of Watkins Product Specials for March please see our
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Save $1.00  Watkins Double Strength Imitation Clear Vanilla Extract!
For wedding cakes and other baked goods that need to be pure white, turn to the choice of professional bakers. Our colorless Clear Vanilla has all the bake-proof, freeze-proof, double strength flavor of our famous Original Double Strength Vanilla but without the color.
• Low alcohol
• Crystal-clear formula won’t discolor white
cakes, frostings, or baked goods
01007 (11 fl oz/325 mL) $10.99

Click Here to Save $1
Value Size!


 Save $1.00 Watkins Purest Ground Cinnamon All-Natural!
Our award-winning high-oil Korintje cassia cinnamon
has been a part of family rituals for more than 100 years.
Make it part of yours, and you’ll see what all the fuss is about.
With about twice as much flavor as the Ceylon variety,
it’s the best quality cinnamon available anywhere.
• Superior quality
• Value size means lower cost per serving
• Watkins high-oil Korintje cassia contains 3 to 3.5% essential oil;
many others on the market contain 1 to 2%, and inferior brands as low as .5%
01115 (6 oz/170 g) $8.49 SPECIAL $7.49Click Here To Save
On Watkins Purest Ground Cinnamon


Try J.R. Watkins Gourmet Herbs & Spices—NEW!  Watkins All-Natural Gourmet Herbs & Spices—NEW!
For over 100 years, Watkins has been going the extra mile to find the very best of the world’s herbs and spices. When you buy spices from Watkins, you get the taste of the world brought to your doorstep. Our all-natural spices contain only the highest volatile oils and are packaged so that you can enjoy them at optimal freshness.Save Now On Watkins All-Natural Gourmet Herbs & Spices
Starting at just $3.98


Watkins Meat Magic and Barbecue Sauce  Excite Your Taste Buds with Savings
Meat Magic
Brings out natural meat flavors and helps promote tenderness by sealing in meat’s natural juices. One bottle enhances more than 30 pounds of meat.
01168 (11 fl oz/325 mL) $10.99 SPECIAL $9.99Gourmet Original Barbecue Sauce
Our expertly blended, sweet and spicy sauce will make your mouth water!
The convenience of this ready-to-use sauce is the
perfect way to spice up your backyard barbecue!
01150 (14.5 oz/411g) $6.99 SPECIAL $5.99

Click Here to Save on Watkins Meat Magic and Barbecue Sauce



Watkins Cinna-Cream Sprinkles  Special Price in March!
Combine Watkins Cinnamon with the sweet, creamy taste of vanilla icing, and
suddenly your morning toast tastes like a cinnamon bun!
Just sprinkle on buttered toast; also great on cereal or oatmeal.
25310 (5.64 oz/160 g) $9.99Click Here to Save $1.00 on  Watkins Cinna-Cream Sprinkles



Watkins Pure Extracts
All-Natural Pure Extracts
These pure, all-natural extracts are free of artificial colors and flavors and made from all-natural oils—pure flavor from our family to yours! (2 fl oz/59 mL)
60430 Pure Anise
60395 Pure Lemon
60437 Pure Mint
60392 Pure Orange
60394 Pure Peppermint
$3.49 each60391 Pure Almond

Pure Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Extract
Watkins uses only the finest Madagascar Bourbon vanilla beans, aged to perfection to create our premium quality pure vanilla.
60387 (2 fl oz/59 mL) $6.29
60400 (1 fl oz/29 mL) $4.49

Click Here to Save on Watkins Pure Extracts


Watkins Bath and Body Oils
J.R. Watkins Natural Body Oils are a rich blend of luxurious,
natural oils regarded for their anti-aging and nourishing qualities.
Pour a small amount into your bath or smooth onto skin immediately after bathing
your skin will thank you! (4 fl oz/118 mL)
• 99-100% natural
• Perfect for massages and cuticle care
20512 Lavender
20448 Lemon
20449 Mango
$8.99 each SPECIAL $7.99 eachClick Here to Save on Watkins Bath and Body Oils


Natural from the Start…
Use J.R. Watkins Naturals Baby Care line to care for your little one without worry. Made with ingredients as wholesome and harmless as your baby, our products are free of synthetic preservatives, fragrances, and dyes.Baby Oil
This nourishing blend of luxurious, natural oils and vitamin E provides deep, long-lasting moisture.
• 100% natural
20492 (4 fl oz/ 118 mL) $7.99 SPECIAL $7.49

Baby Wash
This versatile formula suds up to gently cleanse skin and hair, leaving baby clean and refreshed.
• 100% natural
• Tear-free formula
20495 (7.5 fl oz/ 222 mL) $8.99 SPECIAL $8.49

Click Here to  Save on J.R. Watkins Baby Care


Purchase a Body Oil Mist and Save on the Matching Hand & Cuticle Salve!
Body Oil Mists
These rich, moisturizing sprays leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth. Formulated with apricot kernel oil and vitamin E to nourish your skin with essential nutrients it needs. Because the oil is quickly absorbed by the skin, it leaves a dry yet soft feel. (6 fl oz/177 mL)Hand and Cuticle Salves
Formulated with a premium beeswax base, these salves incorporate natural oils that moisturize, nourish and revitalize hardworking hands. (2.1 oz/59 g) 98-100% natural

Purchase a Body Oil Mist and
Save on the Matching Hand & Cuticle Salve!
Click Here for Details!


Pain Relieving Liniment and Pain Relieving Liniment Spray
Pain Relieving Liniment
Get natural pain relief with this very first product sold by J.R. Watkins in 1868. By removing all traces of artificial red coloring, we have successfully made this one of a kind pain reliever 96.5% natural! This formula puts all-natural camphor and capsicum to good use by stimulating nerve receptors that feel heat, masking the feeling of pain and relieving the discomfort of minor muscle aches, soreness and stiffness. • 96.5% natural • J.R. Watkins first product • Eco-friendly formula &  packaging 02317 (11 fl oz/325 mL) $12.99 SPECIAL $10.99Pain Relieving Liniment Spray
Get quick relief from sore muscles, aches and arthritis pain with this convenient, fast-acting spray. The natural pain relieving properties of our Liniment are blended with the penetrating vapors of our Menthol Camphor Relief Mist to offer you quick relief when you need it. Sore muscles, aches and arthritis pain have met their match! • 96% natural • Perfect for hard-to-reach areas • All-natural menthol and camphor • Eco-friendly formula and packaging
02350 (4 fl oz/120 mL) $9.99 SPECIAL $8.99

Click Here to Enjoy Savings on
Pain Relieving Liniment and
Pain Relieving Liniment Spray!


Watkins Pain Relief Burn Cream
Our soothing burn cream is medicated with lidocaine and all-natural aloe gel to
help relieve pain and itching from minor burns, sunburn, windburn,
insect bites and other minor skin irritations.
10498 (4 oz/113 g) $9.99 SPECIAL $8.99Click Here to Save on
Watkins Pain Relief Burn Cream


Petro-Carbo First Aid Salve

Relied upon for generations, Petro-Carbo Salve is still a staple for every home medicine cabinet and first-aid kit. Its active ingredient is phenol (carbolic acid), but it derives other benefits and its unique aroma from botanicals such as camphor, oil of spruce, and the tea tree relative, cajeput. This versatile product is safe and effective for relieving pain and itching associated with:
• minor cuts
• burns
• skin irritations
• scrapes
• insect bites
02372 (4.37 oz/124 g) $14.99 SPECIAL $13.49

Click Here to Save $1.50 on
Petro-Carbo First Aid Salve!


Watkins Window Cleaners
Give your windows a lustrous, streak-free shine with J.R. Watkins Natural Window Cleaner. Use this cleaner on your mirrors, glass tabletops and other hard surfaces around your home. Easy-to-use spray and wipe formula gently lifts away grime, dust and fingerprints. Because this formula is coconut-based, it won’t break down the bonds of plastic on window films and is ideal for tinted windows. (24 fl oz/710 mL)
16798 Aloe & Green Tea
26797 Lemon
$4.49 each Purchase one Window Cleaner,
get the second, same fragrance for 2.99


Watkins Liquid Dish Soap and All-Purpose Cleaner
Liquid Dish Soaps
Just a small amount of our Liquid Dish Soap creates wonderfully scented suds. These natural formulas rinse away and leave your dishes beautifully clean and spotless. J.R. Watkins Natural Liquid Dish Soaps are free of phosphates, dyes, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and Cocamide DEA. The easy-to-use, flip-top cap means no messy drips. Finally! A natural dish detergent that is tough on grease but easy on your hands, your home and the environment! (24 fl oz/710 mL) $4.99 eachAll Purpose Cleaners
Rid your home of dirt and grime without the harsh toxins found in other all purpose cleaners. J.R. Watkins Natural All Purpose Cleaner quickly removes grease and grime from most surfaces in your home. You’ll find hundreds of uses for this great streak-free, earth-friendly cleaner. Our easy-to-use spray and wipe formula is available in five premium fragrances. (24 fl oz/710 mL) $4.99 each

Purchase any Liquid Dish Soap,
get matching All-Purpose Cleaner for $3.49


Watkins Foaming Hand Soaps—NEW!
The moisturizing foam in our premium hand soaps gently cleanses the skin while our signature fragrances leave hands smelling fresh. Juicy Sweet Apple for kids works naturally on your little one’s hands, so you have less to worry about. (9 fl oz/266 mL)
• Gently moisturizes
• Fragranced with essential oils
20623 Aloe and Green Tea
20624 Coastal Breeze
20622 Grapefruit
20625 Kids’ Juicy Sweet Apple
$4.99 eachClick Here to Try J.R. Watkins Foaming Hand Soaps—NEW!


Would You like to Save An Additional 25%, or more, on these, and All Your Watkins Products?
Get Your Watkins Membership for just $39.95 and
get a Discount of at least 25% every time you shop for an entire year!
Have questions? Want more information? Want to Save 25%?
Contact Independent Watkins Manager Brian Hurlburt (ID#342198).
He will be glad to give you all the details! Call 877-822-8463 (Toll Free)

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