Watkins Products Consultants Take Pride In The Direct Sales Industry

According to a recent Star Tribune Article “As sales slump, mass layoffs follow”, North American companies have announced plans to eliminate more than 62,600 positions, while the World Federation of Direct Selling Associations (WFDSA) and the U.S. Direct Selling Association announce positive global and US direct selling sales and salesforce statistics!

When we take into consideration Watkins 144 Year History, and the Quality of Watkins Products, with recent Direct Selling Industry Announcements, Watkins Products Consultants, have yet another reason to take pride in their role in the Direct Sales Industry.
Read more and watch the World Federation of Direct Selling Associations (WFDSA) and the U.S. Direct Selling Association video announcement at YourIndependentBusinessConsultant.com

To summarize, the announcements shows:
Direct sales increased 4.6 percent to $29.87 billion
Salesforce sized at 15.6 million sellers in the US
Direct selling market outpaces growth in gross domestic product (GDP) by 0.7 percent

This is all very significant to those of us in the Direct Sales Industry! For now, the numbers show, what we in the Direct Sales Industry, have long known to be the case…”The Direct Sales Industry will become the way of the future!” And according to the actual stats, that future is now!

As many of us in Watkins know, Direct Sales can be a very rewarding!

Over the past three years, I’ve worked with Watkins, and helped develop a Team of about 80 Sales Associates, and generated in the vicinity of $250,000 in Team Sales Volume, 60% of that in 2012 alone!

We’ve helped our Team Members earn not only great commissions, but also, our Team Members have qualified for a number of free trips to destinations such as Minneapolis Minnesota, Las Vegas Nevada, Scottsdale
Arizona, Winona Minnesota, Cancun Mexico, as well as a number of Weekend Getaways! Many others have earned not only their commissions, of 25% – 39% on personal sales, and up to 14% on their Team Sales, but have also earned Awards, Incentives, Prizes, and other Rewards!

One of the most surprising things I’ve seen with Watkins over the past three years is the predictability of the business, now knowing that if we do this, we get that! The other really surprising thing I’ve seen with Watkins is how obtainable the rewards and prizes are!

So, yes, We Watkins Consultants, know how rewarding, not only the Direct Sales Industry is, but how wonderful it is to be with Watkins, where there are so many obtainable rewards of our business and the Industry as a whole.

All of this because right now, is (at the risk of sounding cliché) the right time to be in the Direct Sales Industry!

According to Virtual Advisor, Consumers are looking for more personalized service and Barbara Bramble, NWF international policy advisor was recently quoted by NWF.org as saying, “More and more, consumers want to know that the products they buy at the store are not doing harm to the planet”

Truth is that most Name & Store Brand Product Companies are missing the point! As, according to a foodproductiondaily.com article “Regulation and consumer demand driving switch to ‘greener’ chemicals” shows, companies are looking for greener chemicals!

Yet the Consumer is looking for Natural, non-chemical products! not just greener Chemicals!

So, with Watkins being the only Direct Selling Company with the Natural Products Association Seal of Certification, Watkins Associates have a definite edge and are posed to address the Consumer Demand for Natural Products.

Another Truth is that the very Model upon which Direct Sales is built makes it easier for the Direct Sales Industry to provide not only better, more personalized, customer care and experiences, but Better Quality Products as well. Visit YourIndependentBusinessConsultant.com to see how the Direct Sales Industry Model compares to the more traditional Retail Model.

By manufacturing and warehousing their own products, utilizing word of mouth advertising, and bypassing the Middle Man, Direct Sales Companies, such as Watkins connect more directly with the end user, the Consumer. By doing so, they are able to insure that products they sell have from 2 to 7 times the Ingredients in the Products they produce, thus producing a higher quality product, thus another great reason Watkins Product Consultants to take pride in their Direct Sales Careers.

When we take all of this into consideration, and realize that there are going to be mass layoffs with over 62,000 North Americans looking for new positions, it is time We with Watkins, take pride not only in Watkins, but the Direct Sales Industry as a whole. Approaching our Watkins Customers with confidence, and knowing we truly have great Watkins Products, and a great opportunity to help people who join us earn a great income, and become part of a great Business and Industry!

When I stop to realize that, on our Watkins Products Sales Team, we are now helping develop New Watkins Managers in just 3 to 4 months, on average, and that according to 2009 figures the average Watkins Manager receives about $10,000 in Yearly Bonuses, and now, with Watkins New Manager Bonus, of up to $6,000, announced in May 2012, being paid as Bonuses, it really does become clear that we with Watkins really do have a great opportunity for not only our Watkins Customers, but for those displaced workers looking for new Career Opportunities!

We as Watkins Consultants really have something great to offer to people looking for a great, fun, flexible way to, earn a second, part time, full time, or retirement income!

It’s time that We, in Watkins, and in other Businesses, within the Direct Sales Industry, stopped hiding or being afraid to speak up and promote ourselves, and our businesses, as what they really are, a viable alternative to the other areas that continues to crumble, while Watkins, and the Direct Sales Industry, continues to grow!

We need to stand up and show others that we with Watkins, and Quality Watkins Products, have the ability to help Customers get more economical, better quality Products, and to help others earn an income in a Great Business in a Great Industry!

If you are one of those 62,000 people who have been displaced, and if you are looking for a New Career Choice, or to develop,a second income stream, in case it happens to you too, or even if your looking for a way to develop a retirement income, or if your just looking to earn a few extra dollars to supplement your family budget, or if you just want to save money on your grocery bill, let’s chat, let’s connect, and see if a career with Watkins, in the Direct Sales Industry is right for You?

Brian Hurlburt
Independent Watkins Manager


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