My Watkins Journey Began Two Years Ago Today

Actually my journey with Watkins began prior to that, first as a child in a home where my parents used Watkins Products. Then there was a time when I was without Watkins Products and for a short time ago, about ten years ago, I joined another Team in Watkins but did not receive the same training and support that I’ve received since joining Watkins again the 19 Sept 2009. So, that is why I say My Watkins Journey Began Two Years Ago Today! That is when I became a Watkins Associate.

I’m surprised that I’ve accomplished what I’ve accomplished, with part time hours, about 15 – 20 hours a week on average, and with great skepticism!

You see I had looked for a Home Based Business that would work for me for nearly 30 years! So, whe it come to Watkins, this time, I wasn’t looking to make money!

I joined Watkins as an Associate simply to get my 25% Discount and so my neighbours could get Gluten Free Products. I remember telling my Sponsor, Angela Horsfall, that I probably wouldn’t do much! Maybe a couple of hundred in the year and that way my 25% would at least pay for my Membership Fee!

So, when I discovered the Customer demand for Watkins Products I was very surprised and over my first two months I worked about 15 hours a week and sold about $3000 in Watkins Products! Which in these parts was pretty close to earning minimum wage!

I had never made over a few dollars with any other business I’d tried including Melaleuca, Amway, Jewelway, or any other way! Despite the fact I worked much harder, invested far more time and money, and yet had never found the success with which I discovered with Watkins Products! So, yes it surprised me!

After all, why would Watkins be any different!???

Well, it was, Customer demand was amazing, people began reordering and ordering more, and referring their friends to me! I began to see I could develop a good second income based on Watkins Products sales!

I sort of slacked off a bit in December and January using the great Canadian winter as my excuse and in February of 2010 my Watkins Manager Dawn Thompson came to me and said, “Brian I know your one of the one’s that can sell your way to Manager Level, about $3000/month in Sales, and I know how you feel about Sponsoring, but if you have just five personally enrolled Associates with You when you reach your third month at Manager Level You’ll receive a Team Builder Bonus of up to $500!!!”

I remember looking at Dawn and saying,
“Yeah, Dawn, but I’m really not interested in that!”

Yet, to keep Her from bugging me and prove it wouldn’t work, I began contacting people and and by the end of March 2010 I had sponsored 5 Associates!

Again, much to my surprise it did work! My new Associates began to tell me, “I never knew it would be so easy, people love Watkins, and they just need someone to get it from!”

This has proven to be the case time and time again! By June of 2010 I reached Manager Level and by the end of August 2010 we had a Team of 12 Watkins Associates and I did receive the $500 Bonus!

Our Watkins Business continued to grow and by July 2011 we received 8 awards at the Watkins Leadership Conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The awards included The Top Consultant of the Year, The Top New Manager of the Year, and a Tiffany Crystal Bowl for Top Total Team Sponsoring. Not to mention the fact that I had enough Reward Points, in addition to my earned commissions, to pay for my Flight, stay at the Airport Mall of America Hilton Hotel, and my food while at Conference!

After returning home I became the top Enroller for the Month of August 2011 by personally Sponsoring 11 new Watkins Associates! I never would have believed this would happen if I hadn’t seen it happen for me!

In fact I would never have believed any of this would happen if it hadn’t happened to me!

Yet, what I’ve learned over this period of time is that with Watkins the numbers work! I’m a numbers person, but won’t bore you with the numbers, unless you want to ask me and I’d be glad to share!

The important things I’ve learned are that when we invest even a few hours weekly into our Watkins Business it will reward us! That the outcome is predictable based on the activities we perform. Therefore by increasing our activities we can make things happen! By doing more, we get more, and with Watkins the business and Associates stick! So once we’ve built it once, the right way, it stays and we continue to build on our successes!

Time and time again we see new Associates, who take our advice, invest in their Watkins Business, and commit a few hours a week to work toward their goals, begin reaching their goals! That makes it all worthwhile!

So, if your considering Watkins, or looking for a good part or full time income, I invite you to contact me for an interview to see if Watkins will be the right fit for you?

Contact Independent Watkins Manager Brian Hurlburt (ID#342198) at
(Toll Free) 877-822-8463.

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