Watkins Good Tasting Events Naturally Lead To Success

I’ve just got off the phone with Lisa Fiander, one of our New Associates, who reached Her first month at Manager Level in Oct 2010 — Her first full month is the business!

We implemented something we’d never really tried before and it worked so well.

We had been taught in Watkins to always try to do a Tasting Event for new Associates. The reason being is it lets them see that with Watkins we can earn an income from the very start; and in some cases a very good income! It also gets the new Associate set up with a Customer Base and some repeat Customers.

In October we did not set out to develop a New Manager!

We set out with what we thought was an impossible Goal for Us of doing 15 Watkins Good Tasting Events! Although there are Watkins Associates who do that, the most we’d ever done was about 3 or 4 in a month! So for us 15 seemed impossible! In fact that’s the reason I set that as a goal! (The previous Month was the first time I’d set an impossible goal; that one two enroll 8 New Associates –We failed and only added 7! If I’d not set the Goal of 8 We’d not worked toward it!) So, in October I set the impossible Goal of doing 15 Watkins Good Tasting Events!

As a result of our Impossible Goal in Oct 2010 we held about 7 or 8 Tastings total within our Group! With leads and bookings for at least that many more for Nov 2010!

Along the way, we helped two new Associates reach Bronze Level, and we helped Lisa to reach Her first month at Manager Level!!!

With my background in Commissioned Sales and Marketing I’ve learned to train new people by using a three step process. Do it for them (when they’re with you), Do it with them, and have them do it (when your there with them).

I’ve been told by some that this is to long a process and that I should do one and then be there for them if they have questions when they start doing it on their own.

However, I began in October by doing what I know works so well and often gives the Trainee more confidence to continue and do it on their own.

The results seem to be paying off in our Watkins Business, the number of  Associates with us has doubled in the past two months as has our overall Sales Volume. More importantly our new Associates are learning and earning at an improved rate! In fact even some of our older Associates are starting to come alive!

A big part of our Success, over the past month or two, has not only come because of our Training System, it’s also come because We’ve started focusing more  Watkins Good Tasting Events and getting our Team Members more involved. This not only helps us, it definitely helps them too!

I began this rather lengthy Post mentioning my conversation with Lisa Fiander. We were discussing the results of two Watkins Tasting Events She’s held in the past few days! The first one, Sat Nov 13, 2010 was the first one She did fully on Her own without Us there! I can tell you I waited and watched like a nervous parent teaching their child to ride a bike for the first time!

The results of Her first Watkins Tasting Event, the first one She did entirely on her own, were tremendous! The Event Hostess’ were two sisters and they had invited nearly 90 people, had about ten pre-orders, and had about 25 – 30 Guests show up at the Event. The orders were in the area of $900 and there are two or three people who are interested in Hosting an Event of their own. As a result of the $900 in Orders, the two sisters who hosted the event will receive nearly $300 in Free Watkins Products! Lisa earned 25%, all Watkins Associates earn at least 25%, of Event Sales for an income of about $225!

Lisa’s second Watkins Tasting Event was last night in Bear River, in the area where I live! The reason I point that out is, though I’m very active and known in the area, there were Guests at last night’s event that I have never seen! So, it just goes to show, that one person can not cover an entire area! I tell prospective new Associates that it doesn’t really matter how many existing Associates there are in their area because as active as I am I know I don’t reach everybody! I’m a firm believer that every little community needs a Watkins Associate and some like this one, need more than one! (Our area likely has about 1800 Homes total counting immediate surrounding areas.)

The results of Lisa’s Tasting in Bear River last night was about $400 in Orders! That from 9 Guests! The Hostess will receive about $40 in Free Watkins Products and Lisa earn another $100!

Actually from the 2 Events Lisa will earn over $400 counting Bonus Monies!

Considering the average event takes about a 5 hour investment from the Watkins Associate. That’s counting an hour to find a Host, an Hour of Prep, two hours at the Event, and an Hour to close and Submit the Order. So, Lisa’s two events may have taken her 10 Hours, probably less, and She earned over $400!

So, my conversation with Lisa was mainly on how easy it is! How She hopes to do two Watkins Good Tasting Events a week, and how much fun She has doing them!

Now, You have to know Lisa, She’s shy! Her friends can not get over how She’s able to  do what She’s doing! Lisa herself is surprised at Her personal growth, how much She enjoys doing Tastings, and at the money She’s earning!

We also discussed that although we know how well Watkins works, and how much people love Watkins, it can be difficult to convey that to others! How people are used to other Home Based Businesses that have their people act like Head Hunters or Cult Recruiters and how glad we are that with Watkins it’s not like that!

Sure, we recruit, and sponsor new Associates, but to look after and serve people in their area that want to purchase Watkins Products but don’t have an Associate to look after them!

Currently agents more than 119 million North American households are not yet being approached by Watkins Associates!

So, we need your help! Do you love Watkins Products? Whether you think You’d like to do Watkins Tasting Events, attend Local Markets, or just Share Your Watkins Catalog with Friends and Family, chances are we need someone in your area!

When was the last time you saw a Watkins Associate in Your Area?

“Watkins Good Tasting Events Naturally Lead To Success” as do many other Marketing Methods. We know that there’s probably one that will match your  lifestyle and be the right fit for you!

When was the last time you saw a Watkins Associate in Your Area?

If you answered that it’s been awhile, then we need one!

If you, or someone you know, might make a good Watkins Rep we’d like to talk to You!

Contact us today for more information.

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Watkins Good Tasting Events Naturally Lead To Success
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