Watkins Gold Executives Keith And Karen Hagen Coming To Nova Scotia To Provide Training For Watkins Associates

Watkins Gold Executives Keith And Karen Hagen coming to Nova Scotia to provide Training For Watkins Associates.

Keith And Karen Hagen are field experts in the training and development of their Watkins Business and Associates. Their proven track record has seen them become top Watkins Gold Executive Associates over their 23 years with Watkins.  Watkins Gold Executives earn average annual bonus income of about $250,000.

Quite impressive is this accomplishment as when Karen and Keith Hagen joined Watkins neither did so as a business opportunity!

“It all started when Karen saw Watkins displayed at a fair. I was raised on Watkins and wanted to try the products again. They were as wonderful as I remembered them and I was soon HOOKED!” says Karen.

Karen was a full-time Mother of three,  had a part-time secretarial position, and it really wasn’t until Part-time became full-time and left NO TIME for family activities and home life that Karen began to look at Watkins as a Business.

Karen says, “I started by just buying products for myself but my excitement for the products couldn’t be contained. I soon found others not only wanted the products, they were interested in the business opportunity too!  Then it was “Goodbye Job … Hello to a business that after only 3 years grew in sales volume to over a MILLION DOLLARS”!

Iy was at this point that Karen’s Watkins Business attracted the attention of Her once skeptical spouse, Keith.

Keith owned his own business, at the time, with all the headaches that go along with it!

When Keith saw Karen’s Watkins business multiplying monthly (without the hassles he had) and the income it was generating, he wound down his business and joined Karen full time.

Keith was very attracted to Watkins residual income that would continue to provide a quality lifestyle for year to come, even into their retirement years. However, though they could have already retired, Keith & Karen continue not only to train and support their Watkins Associate Team, but to sponsor and introduce even more people to the lifestyle they’ve become accustomed to and the freedom and flexibility they love.

Keith and Karen continue to work their Watkins Business from their home and have grown a Watkins Business that has well over 1,000 Associates in Canada and the USA and have a Customer Base throughout North America.

Keith & Karen enjoy having the time and money to enjoy life beyond their business, traveling with family and adding quality to their life in many ways including traveling the world (the Caribbean, Europe, Mexico, Hawaii, New Zealand … just to name a few), which have all been FREE incentive trips from Watkins!

Keith and Karen also enjoy helping others discover the financial freedom, and a life most people can only dream about, outside of Watkins!

Keith and Karen say, “One of the best parts has been helping others to enjoy some of these same benefits. We would like to invite you to take a look at the WATKINS BUSINESS … be it full-time, part-time or to earn a little extra income! The best part is … you make the choice and we’ll support you every step of the way!”

This is the first trip Keith & Karen have made to Nova Scotia to see their Watkins Associates here and are looking forward their trip.

The Fast Start Training 2011 will take place February 26, 2011, 9:30 am – 4:30 pm at
The End of the Line Pub & Grill, Conference Room, 73 Queen Street, Bridgetown, NS. Hosts will include Keith & Karen Hagen & Participating Managers and will include a Full day of training from Field Experts.

The Focus of this training will be on Business Building Ideas, Product News, New Business Handouts, and will serve to educate and inspire all who attend.

It is definitely a MUST ATTEND EVENT for anyone serious about building a successful Watkins Business and want the  tools, information and inspiration to grow an explosive Watkins Business in 2011!

The Event is open to all Watkins Associates, Partners, and Associates, and at this event we want to help you with the first steps that can give you an “entirely new future”….A future with your Watkins business that will in turn give you the end results you desire. You are guaranteed to go home with inspiration AND fresh new ideas for growing your business, taking it to a NEW level!

Other Industry Events of such magnitude range into the Hundreds of dollars, yet in true Watkins style, registration fees are being kept very affordable. Only $40 CDN per person or $60 CDN for a couple and it includes Lunch and Coffee.

This is the only Meeting of it’s magnitude which will be held on the Canadian Atlantic East Cost this Spring and is a good launching pad for any Watkins Business.

Watkins Associates who attend both this February Event with Keith and Karen Hagen, Gold Executive Watkins Associates, and then attend the Annual International Watkins Conference in Minneapolis in July, will be positioning themselves for success with Watkins. Go to both and you’ll be doubly ready to WIN!

Registration must be made prior to February 7, 2011

For more information:

Contact Brian Hurlburt, Independent Watkins Manager, ID#342198

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