So You Want to Know about Watkins Business Opportunity

When I got started with Watkins, someone said, “So You want to know about Watkins Business Opportunity”

Honestly, I first came to Watkins about 2003, and only lasted about a year!

The Products were great, and I enjoyed seeing happy Customers, and my family had used a few of the Watkins Products for Years!

However, back then, I didn’t get the support I needed to build a “Real” Retail Business, the Team I was with seemed more bent on mass recruiting and less on the Retail side of the Business! So, I set up once a week at our local Market and when that Market closed for the winter, so did my Watkins Business.

However, I continued to search for the right Business, and over the years, I tried at least 6 other Home Based Businesses and had little if any success. They all, always seemed more bent on mass recruiting, than on Product Sales, and Customer Service, or the other aspects of a real Retail Business, which is what I wanted to develop.

I also went into Sales, Commissioned Sales, earning 15% – 250% selling everything from Vacuums to Insurance,
and yet I always found that even when I did a great job of Sales, I never really got ahead, they were usually more bent on hype, than quality, and the “Carrot” or Rewards were always just out of reach! So, I became very discouraged!

In fact, I gave up, on many of my dreams and goals, and one day in Sept 2009 when one of my Neighbors drove in my yard to buy a few potatoes from my garden, and mentioned his Mother-In-Law, “couldn’t even go in the store and buy Pepper!”
I asked, “Why?” (Even though I was pretty sure I knew what He meant!) He proceeded to tell me Her doctor had tld her that because she had sensitivities and food allergies to gluten, she shouldn’t buy Pepper in the Stores, as Store and Name Brand Pepper is often cut with flour, and other fillers, to keep it cheap, and flour contains gluten, and therefore She should avoid buying Pepper in stores!

Well, because I had sold Watkins before, I knew that Watkins adds no fillers, nor MSG, to it’s food items and that she could have Watkins Pepper! So, I said, “Well, why don’t you go to the local Market and get Her some Watkins Pepper!”

Then, as He was driving out of the yard, I had a moment of clarity! He was already coming to me for vegetables, and I was sending him to someone else to buy Watkins! Even though, deep down, I knew I did want to sell Watkins again!

So, the next week, when I was at the Caledonia Exhibition in Caledonia, Queens County, Nova Scotia and saw Angela and Dawn, the Watkins Ladies at the Exhibitions, I looked at who would become my Watkins Manager, Angela Horsfall, and said,
“Here’s $45 for my Watkins Membership, but don’t expect much! I’ve tried at least 6 of these things, and reviewed hundreds for my Blog, and I know these things don’t work! So don’t expect much! In fact, if I do $200 in Sales in a year and recoup my 25% it’ll recoup my Membership Fee and I’ll be happy! Really I just want my 25% Discount, and to be able to order Gluten Free Products when my neighbors need them! So, Don’t expect much!”

That was the attitude I had, I was sure Watkins would be no different, and I was sure it wouldn’t work! Boy was I wrong!

Today, 4 Sept 2013, as I write this, and I hadn’t checked this figure till now, as my 4 years isn’t really up till the 19th, our Sales have been nearly $410,000.00!!! I really hadn’t realized that, till now! I certainly do not take the credit for it! I give the credit for it to the 232 people who have joined our Team over the past 4 years, and the 144 who are currently with us, and the 6 Watkins Managers we’ve helped to develop over the past couple of years! I am blessed to lead one of the greatest Teams, one of the best Groups of People, in all of Watkins! I am honoured today, to be able to help them, so many of them, to accomplish their goals!

It wasn’t always that way! In fact
When I joined Watkins I had given up on my Dreams and Goals! Read On to discover what happened next!

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