Watkins Business Income Opportunity And Network Marketing Versus Pyramid Schemes

I recently received an email from Ann Crosby, a friend who’s with Melaleuca, and though the video below is neither directly from, or about Watkins or Melaleuca, I believe the creator of the video is Pat Petrini, it does explain how some people arrive at certain conclusions about Network Marketing, MLM, Home Based Businesses and Income Opportunities.

Pat Petrini went into business for himself at the age of 19 and quickly gained an appreciation for the freedom that comes with controlling ones own time and income.
Pat later went on to build an organization with XanGo.

I laughed my way through this Video because of what they say, Home based Network Marketing and MLM People hear this time and time again!

This video really makes one think!

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I found the ending a bit harsh, but it’s still well worth listening to, and learning from!

Thankfully with Watkins I hear this response from the people I talk to less than I used to with other Businesses. I think its because with Watkins we’re more product and sales focused and less about recruiting!

I also think that’s why my customers now run toward me, and not in the other direction!

If you have questions about the Video, Network Marketing, MLM, Home Based Business, or Income Opportunities, or would like more information on Watkins or the other Businesses mentioned here please feel free to contact me.

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