Watkins Announces New Manager Bonus Of Up To $6000

According to the Watkins International Compensation Plan the Average Manager earns$10,000 in Bonus Income!!!

Now, even more surprising, Watkins Announces New Manager Bonus Of Up To $6000!!!

Which in my opinion means that a person who joins us and works flexible part time hours can earn $10,000 – $15,000 during their first year at Manager Level!!! Actual earnings may differ, however I am convinced that this is the best way to add an extra $10,000 or more to Your Family Budget within the next 12 months!

So, what does it take to be a Manager?

A Manager with Watkins is when You have approximately $3000 in monthly Sales Volume! Now wait, don’t run away! (Let’s take a closer look!)

Let’s say You choose to do Living Naturally (Tasting) Events, or Markets, and since the average Tasting Event is $400, let’s say You do two per week! That would be 8 Tasting Events or a total of $3200 in Sales! This would more than qualify you as a Watkins Manager, providing you maintain that for at least two consecutive months.

Also, I should point out that since Watkins is in both the USA and Canada and has an International Compensation Plan, and each of the Watkins Products has a Point Value, and although I’m using approximate Canadian Dollar Amounts what is really needed is 2,000 monthly Product Points, which is approximately $3,000 in Sales in Canada; even less in the US.

Now, I don’t want to loose you in the numbers, so let me get back to the Dollars, which seem to make more cents! (Yes, pun intended!)

So, now let’s say You have done $3000 (2000 Product Points) in Personal Sales, and You’ve done so for two consecutive months, now Your qualified as an Independent Watkins Manager, and You’ll earn 39%, or $1170.00 on Your $3000 in monthly Sales!!!

Now, if You did so through holding Tasting Events, and let’s say starting out Your average Tasting Event has Sales of $375 you’d have to hold 8 Events monthly, or say, an average of 2 per week. Since the average Tasting Event takes about 4 – 5 hours with planning, prep, the Event, closing, and follow up, it means you’d invest about 32 – 40 hours per month while earning about $30 – $35/hour!!! That’s not even including the New Manager Bonus of up to $500.00 per month, for Your first 12 months at Manager Level.

So, let’s say you do this for 12 consecutive months, You can earn up to $20,040 while working about 8 – 10 flexible hours per week, allowing You plenty time for Your Family and other obligations! (Plus during the process, and in addition to Your Commissions, You’d also earn up to 30,000 Reward Points which can be redeemed for cash, prizes, and in 2011 it was what I needed when I qualified for the Grand Prize Trip to Cancun Mexico!!)

Now, the thing is, with Watkins You have Options! You don’t have to do Tasting Events, or Markets, nor Sponsoring, nor anything You don’t want to do! You also don’t have to do this all on Your own!!!

So, let’s say you don’t have time, or aren’t comfortable, doing 2 Tasting Events per week!
Do You think You could do one per month? Or, at least find 10 – 12 Customers to place an order of $25 – $30 per month? That’s just 10 – 12 Customers per month!!!…
… wait a minute you say, I thought You needed $3000 in monthly sales, and that’s only $300 per month! Well, I’m glad you caught that!

Here’s the reason why, You don’t have to do all $3000 in monthly Sales on your own!

Let’s say you do $300/month in Personal, or what We call Central, Sales and You find and sponsor 9 other people who do the same! You can do that with just a few flexible hours each month, right!? Right!

So with You, and a Team of 9 Sales Associates each doing $300/month in Sales, You’d still have Your $3000/month in Team Sales right!? Right!

So, You’d still be a Manager, You’d still earn 39% on Your own Sales and up to 14% on Your Team Sales, and You’d still earn Reward Points, and You’d still get up to $500/month from the New Manager Bonus!!! Now that’s something anyone can do right!? Right!!!

So, what are You waiting for? Your Watkins Membership is only $39.95!

Call Me now, and We’ll discuss a plan to fit Your Schedule! 877-822-8463 (Toll Free)

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