Watkins Advantage Program Changes The Way We Do Business

Watkins provides everyone who has a Watkins Membership to receive a 25% Discount on Watkins Products. Which also means a person who might just share their Catalog with friends, family, or others, can earn at least 25%.

Then, based on monthly sales volumes Watkins Consultants advance on the International Compensation Plan, earning a bonus of about 3 1/2 % for every $750 in Monthly Sales Volumes. To where, an Independent Watkins Manager, with monthly Personal, or Team, sales of about $3000 Canadian (2,000 Product Points) On the International Comp Plan, where dollar amounts may differ by Country, Product Points, and points on Products, remain the same, thus making it fair for everyone. Thus anyone who has a Watkins Membership ($39.95) gets a 25% Discount, but those who want to earn an income can do so, earning an extra 3.5% for every $750 (500 Pt) monthly sales volume increase, to where those maintaining at least 2,000 Monthly Product Points, or about $3,000 in monthly sales in Canada, reach Manager Level and Earn 39% on their personal sales and up to 14% on Team, or Group, sales!

However, unlike most Home Based Businesses Watkins does not have a minimum order amount, nor does Watkins require Members to buy, or sell, any certain amount of products! Each person who gets a Watkins Membership is able to buy, or sell, what they want, when they want it, without fear of minimums, or quotas. It’s interesting to note also, that although Watkins has no minimums, nor quotas, the average Consultant, person with a Watkins Membership, does about $180 (120 PTS) in monthly volume. When you compare the average volumes with those of other Home Businesses, such as Melaleuca which requires it’s Associates to do about $80 – $100 in monthly orders, and the average Melaleuca Associate only produces about $90 in monthly orders, Watkins seems to have the better producing Associates, even when they don’t have to meet the same requirements!

One reason for this is Watkins also has a number of Programs, and Member Only Specials, which allow for even more savings, and earnings for those who have Watkins as an income source!

One such Program is the Watkins Advantage Program that gives all Members a 30% Discount and Free Shipping and Handling, which in effects allows all Members to save, or earn, 39% from day one!

For a number of years Watkins Advantage Program provided this discount and free shipping option on a limited number of Products. However, as of Jan 2012, the products available through the Watkins Advantage Program have expanded to include over 100 top selling Products! Thus, in effect, allowing anyone with a Watkins Membership ($39.95) to save and or earn 39% from month one!

The catch is Members can only buy 300 Product Points worth of Products each month, and have to get at least 100 Product Points worth of Products in order to take advantage of this Watkins Program.

Thus, it is an auto ship program, but it may be the most user friendly auto ship program in the industry! As long Program Participants set it up, change it, or cancel it each month by the tenth of the month, they are good to go and are saving, or earning about 39% from month one!

Thus, since the beginning of the year, 2012, a growing number of Watkins Consultants are earning more than ever before! Also since the Advantage Program orders process on the 15th of each month it is resulting in some record sales days as well.

We applaud Watkins for improving the Watkins Advantage Program and giving all Consultants, anyone with a Watkins Membership ($39.95) to save and earn even more with Watkins!

For more information, or to get your Watkins Membership, and start saving and, or earning, contact Brian Hurlburt (ID#342198) today 877-822-8463 (Toll Free).

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