Watkins 2014 Annual Awards Winners

Watkins 2014 Annual Awards Winners on Our Team of Watkins Products Consultants!

JR Watkins, is the Company behind Watkins Products, and began in 1868 as an Apothecary (or Medical) Company.

From humble beginnings comes greatness, JR Watkins began with one Product, Dr. Ward’s Liniment (Known today as Watkins Red Liniment, or simply Watkins Liniment)  and has grown to include over 250 items. Many of these Items have been known for decades, including Watkins Vanilla, Watkins Cinnamon, Watkins Pepper, Watkins Medicated (Menthol Camphor) Ointment, Watkins Petro Carbo Salve, and has become widely known in places like New Brunswick, Canada, and Northern Ontario, for Watkins Insect Repellent.

Watkins Annual Leadership Conference is taking place this month, with Watkins Virtual Conference! An Online, rather than in person Conference, allowing Consultants to phone in, or go online from home! Rather than having to pay to travel to an on location Conference. The Watkins Virtual Conference is being held over 4 Weeks, one evening a week, for four weeks in July. As part of the Watkins Leadership Conference 2014, Watkins Annual Awards Presentations were held online 24 July 2014.

The company wide awards presented at the Virtual Conference were  for the calender year 2013, and Recipients were judged according to their Title as of 1 Jan 2013.

The Following is a list of Award Winners from among our Team of Watkins Products Consultants in All Categories.

Top Consultant
Sue Lessard – 2nd Place Consultant
(Sue is currently an Independent Watkins Manager)

Top Managers
2nd place Michelle Hurlburt
3rd place Denise LeBlanc

Top Bronze Manager
1st place Brian Hurlburt

Top Gold Executive
2nd place Karen & Keith Hagen

52 Club
Sue Lessard (sponsored 54)

Top Total Team Sponsored
Consultant Category:
1st place Sue Lessard   60

Executive Category:
2nd place Keith & Karen Hagen   420

NEW Manager of the Year Award
One of the most prestigious awards is the NEW Manager of the Year Award and this year it went to……

Sue Lessard

This is our second, consecutive, year having a Manager of the Year Award on Our Team.
Last year it was Michelle Hurlburt.
In 2011 Brian Hurlburt was the Manager of the Year!

Last Year Brian Hurlburt received the 1st Place Manager Award
and this Year Brian Hurlburt received the 1st Place Bronze Manager Award
(Having Advanced to Bronze Manager)

3 of the 19 Watkins All Stars are part of Our Team
They Are:
Sue Lessard
Michelle Hurlburt
Brian Hurlburt

As well as the above Awards and Accomplishments
Our Team Members also qualified for 6, of the 16, 2013 Grand Prize Trips
To St. Martins, in the Caribbean in April 2014.

Congratulations to ALL of You!!!

We also want to thank each, and everyone, of our Watkins Products Customers,
Every Purchase, Every New Member, Every Effort, Helps!

We may be the people upon whom the Honour was bestowed..
However, it is You, to whom the real credit belongs!!! 😉

Perhaps You’re reading this, and You’ve been looking for a way to…
1. Save on Your Grocery Bill, and/or
2. Earn a Part Time, Full Time, or Retirement Income

Perhaps you’re wondering if it is really possible?

We think, based on the accomplishments of our Team Members, especially considering our Team accounts for only about 1% of the total Number of Watkins Products Consultants, that We have the plan that Works! We help You to find the Marketing Methods that work, and those best suited to your needs! We are not a Mass Recruiting Machine, We are a Team of Watkins Products Consultants who works with everyone, and will work with You, to accomplish what you want! Not what We want! Want to do a little? Or a lot? You decide! We Help! 😉

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Have Questions?

Contact Me…
Independent Watkins Manager
Brian Hurlburt (ID#342198)
Toll Free 877-822-8463

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