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Trial Mark Bottle

Timeless Integrity is what Watkins Products and Watkins Products Consultants have become known for over the past 146 Years! Watkins Products Company traces it’s beginning to 1868 when JR Watkins began selling what was then known as Dr. Ward’s Liniment, later known as Watkins Red Liniment, and known today simply as Watkins Liniment.

No matter how You say it, or what You call it Watkins Products have been trusted for decades by generation after generation of loyal Watkins Products Customers. Back in 1869 there were a great number of door to door Salesman, many of whom were known as “Snake Oil Salesman” and JR Watkins wanted to differentiate himself, and Watkins Products from them! Thus, he patented the Trial Mark Bottle!

Watkins Trial Mark Bottle

Watkins Trial Mark Bottle led to what we believe to be the worlds first 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee! If Watkins Customers bought and used the Product and it didn’t work the way they wanted it to they could return the Product for a Full Refund as long as they had not used more than the amount above the Trial Mark! That was 145 Years ago, and All Watkins Products are still backed by Watkins’ 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee! So You just know it’s good! 😉

Yet, we have a challenge to overcome!

After all this time, fewer than 1% of North American Homes have Watkins Products in them! Those who know Watkins know of our quality and timeless integrity, yet there are millions of people who do not know! This poses both a challenge, and a tremendous opportunity!

Imagine earning an income with a Company known for quality products, and timeless integrity, with the confidence that your Customers will have access to Products that are backed by a 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee!

Natural, Organic, Gourmet, and Grocery Items, that are in demand, sought after by those who know them, and yet to be discovered by potentially millions of would be customers if only they discovered the quality and timeless integrity that is Watkins!

Imagine if You could represent such a Company, with the ability to share Watkins Products with those people and earn an income of 25% – 39% on your orders, and those of your Customers!

Imagine if You could do so by setting your own schedule, allowing for time for your Family, Job, and other things that are important to You and yet develop a solid Business built on time honoured Watkins Products known for their timeless integrity!

Now, stop imagining! Get started today for just $39.95
There are no minimum orders, and no quotas necessary to maintain your Watkins Membership and get a Discount of at least 25% on Your Own Products, and you can earn up to 39% if You choose to other discover Watkins Products too! What could be easier than that!

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