So, How did we do $32,000 Team Sales in 2010?

So, what changed!? How did we do $32,000 Sales in Team Sales in 2010? Well, first notice it was Team Sales, and please understand, that although on our Team We focus on Product Sales and Customer Service, part of our Customer Service is expanding our Team to better service, and expand our Customer Base. So, here's

How to Identify Scams

It doesn't take very long, especially online, to be presented with the next great Scam! So, how do You identify Scams? I'd love Your feedback on this one, post your suggestions in the comments section below. If You were the Attorney General you would ask these two questions to help identify scams... 1 - Would a

Watkins Reintroduces Soup And Gravy Mix To Canada

For generations families have relied on Watkins Soup & Gravy Mix for their families. After a short absence, Watkins has reintroduced Watkins Soup & Gravy Mix to the Canadian Market. [caption id=attachment_911 align=aligncenter width=150] Watkins French Onion Soup[/caption] Available Soups Include: Watkins Chicken Soup & Gravy: Makes up to 50 servings with each container! (8.29 oz/235 g) C$11.49 Have a cold

Great News Watkins Pie Filling & Dessert Mix

May 10, 2013 GREAT NEWS— Coconut Dessert Mix is Back! Watkins is pleased to welcome Watkins Coconut Dessert Mix (Watkins Coconut Pie Filling) back to our Dessert Mix family. Watkins Coconut Dessert Mix (Watkins Coconut Pie Filling) combines the goodness of homemade with the convenience of a mix. Use it to make puddings, pies, sauces, fillings and