Watkins Products At The Digby Scallop Days

Just a quick Blog Post to let you all know we're set up on the Admiral Digby Walk at the Digby Waterfront and though things are selling out quickly we're there to serve you. As usual if we don't have the item in stock that your looking for we'll be pleased to assist you by

Digby Scallop Days Off To An Amazing Start

Despite weather difficulties Vendors report Digby Scallop Days are off to an amazing start! When asked how He feels Scallop Days Sales are going for the Vendors, Brian Hurlburt, Independent Watkins Manager, states, It sort of got off to a low start, however by Thursday evening things seemed to be coming together! I know we

The Value Of A Customer When Markets Seem Slow

When attending Markets, and Community Events, it's easy to get discouraged when Markets seem slow. Yet, with Watkins, it's not just the Event Sales that matter! Sometimes, at larger Community Events, like the Digby Wharf Rat Rally, Digby Scallop Days, Shelburne Founders Days, and Liverpool Privateer Days, we may have product sales of $500 or