Caring for the Common Cold with Menthol Camphor

Two days ago I came down with a cold, the second one in about three years, a real bad head cold. I of course tried all the regular, and not so regular, cures and despite my dislike for popping pills, I even tried some decongestant the past couple of nights at bed time. I think

December Watkins Product Specials for Customers in Canada

Watkins Products are a great value anytime, and this December, December 2012, Watkins Customers can find even more value at Here are a few of my favorite things... Purest All-Natural Ground Cinnamon & Granulated Black Pepper Click Here for Savings on Watkins Cinnamon & Pepper ============================================ Watkins Gourmet Original Barbecue Sauce Expertly blended, sweet and spicy sauce will

Our Leaders Who Know The Secret Know It’s Not All About Us

It's a secret, shared by many who know that when it comes to building any successful movement, any successful team, or motivating any group of people to do anything, it takes genuine believe, personal conviction, and enthusiasm for helping those you want to motivate and help become successful! Billy Riggs speaking to a group of

New Improvements At Watkins Are Keeping Me Up At Night

I know the title, New Improvements At Watkins Are Keeping Me up At Night may seem a bit presumptuous and full of hype, but let me assure you, it's not often I find myself awake at 5am! Yet, I'm filled with such excitement I can't sleep! Watkins has really given it's Watkins Products Associates something

Lois Titus New Watkins Associate In Alberta

We are very please to have our first Watkins Products Associate in Alberta, Canada. We're especially pleased that it's Lois Titus! Lois joined us in October 2011 and quickly became a Silver Consultant in November, Lois' first full month with Watkins! Lois says, I live just outside a small town, Lougheed, Alberta, and before I signed up with