Can You See The Difference Watkins Can Make

Can You see the difference Watkins Products can make? Neither of these pictures are very flattering, not one of my better days! However, the two pictures were taken about 5 minutes apart, and I'd love to know what You think, Can You see a difference? I think the hardest part of getting these pictures

Brian Hurlburt Named Watkins 2013 1st Place Manager for North America

The 2013 Watkins Leadership Conference and 145 Year Open House Celebrations were held at Watkins International Headquarters at 150 Liberty St., Winona, Minnesota from June 11 - 13 and Watkins Consultants from across the United States and Canada gathered to tour the facilities and learn from both Corporate and Leading Field Watkins Reps and

Watkins Officially Launches Watkins New Dietary Supplements

Watkins Officially Launch Watkins New Dietary Supplements. Watkins Products have been trusted for Generations, every since introducing the very first Product, Dr. Ward's Red Liniment, in 1868. Watkins has been trusted for top quality products every since! In fact, Watkins was the first Company ever, to offer a 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee! If a Watkins