Great News Watkins Pie Filling & Dessert Mix

May 10, 2013 GREAT NEWS— Coconut Dessert Mix is Back! Watkins is pleased to welcome Watkins Coconut Dessert Mix (Watkins Coconut Pie Filling) back to our Dessert Mix family. Watkins Coconut Dessert Mix (Watkins Coconut Pie Filling) combines the goodness of homemade with the convenience of a mix. Use it to make puddings, pies, sauces, fillings and

Brian Hurlburt To Speak At Watkins Leadership Conference

Brian Hurlburt joined Watkins in Sept 2009, as a Wholesale Shopper, so He could get His 25% Discount, and so that He'd have Gluten Free products for His neighbours. After realizing the Customer Demand in the local area Brian began to sell Watkins Products and much to His surprise, He sold about $3000 in Product

Brian Hurlburt Earns Watkins Grand Prize Trip to Cancun

People become Watkins Associates for a $39.95 Membership and can save 25% on their own products and earn up to 39% on personal Sales and up to 14% on Team, or Group, Sales. In addition to Commissioned earned, Watkins Associates receive Reward Points based on personal and group, or team, activities. To earn the Grand

Brian Hurlburt Earns Free Trip To Minneapolis With JR Watkins

Brian Hurlburt began his journey with Watkins in Sept 2009 and quickly rose to Independent Manager Level, and now based on Sales and Business Activities with JR Watkins Company during 2010, Brian is leaving on a Free Trip to Minneapolis, Minnesota! Watkins awards it's Associates with Performance Rewards Points for ongoing Business Activities, including Sales,