So You Want to Know about Watkins Business Opportunity

When I got started with Watkins, someone said, So You want to know about Watkins Business Opportunity Honestly, I first came to Watkins about 2003, and only lasted about a year! The Products were great, and I enjoyed seeing happy Customers, and my family had used a few of the Watkins Products for Years! However, back then,

Caring for the Common Cold with Menthol Camphor

Two days ago I came down with a cold, the second one in about three years, a real bad head cold. I of course tried all the regular, and not so regular, cures and despite my dislike for popping pills, I even tried some decongestant the past couple of nights at bed time. I think

New Improvements At Watkins Are Keeping Me Up At Night

I know the title, New Improvements At Watkins Are Keeping Me up At Night may seem a bit presumptuous and full of hype, but let me assure you, it's not often I find myself awake at 5am! Yet, I'm filled with such excitement I can't sleep! Watkins has really given it's Watkins Products Associates something

In 2012 We’re Going to Give Away $5000 in Free Groceries!!!

Yes, it’s true, we want to give away $5000 in Free Groceries! We've learned to Dare To Dream The Impossible Dream And Set Impossible Goals You see we believe Watkins has one of, if not the, best Hostess Rewards Programs available anywhere and it allows us, as Watkins Associates, to give away Free Watkins Products, while earning up