Make Short Work of House Work With Watkins Home Care Products

Watkins has been providing Hard Working Natural Watkins Products for 145 Years! Put Watkins Products to work for You, and make short work of house work today, without burning the house down! Here are just a few Watkins Products that can save You hours and leave your home feeling clean and fresh without

Watkins Lemon Toilet Bowl Cleanser

Discover the quality of Watkins Lemon Toilet Bowl Cleanser. Shop Our Watkins Products Catalog For Canada Shop Our Watkins Products Catalog For The USA Watkins Lemon Toilet Bowl Cleanser J.R. Watkins Natural Lemon Toilet Bowl Cleanser Works against even the toughest hard water stains on your toilet, sinks, tub and tile!• No harsh chemicals or fumes • Safe for septic systems •

Social Responsibility Comes In Many Forms

Perhaps one of the reasons my being a Watkins Associate is such a good fit is that I feel we share a mutual respect for our fellow man, that Social Responsibility does matter, and that by each of us doing our own part we can and will make a difference in the