Denise Leblanc Becomes New Watkins Manager

We're very pleased to announce the newest Watkins Manager on our Team. Denise E. Leblanc joined our Watkins Products Sales Team in May 2012 with Alexandra Dawn Rodgerson as Her Watkins Sponsor, and Michelle Hurlburt as Her Watkins Manager. Incredibly Denise E. Leblanc reached 2,000 Product Points, approximately $3,000 in Watkins Products Sales in Her first full

Watkins Leadership Conference An Unbelievably Terrific Experience

A terrific experience for sure.... Be sure to commit to your goals, plan to be on the Trip to Cancun, and plan to be on every trip with Watkins and you'll grow a terrific, large, business with Watkins! This was the message Ed Williams had for those attending the 2011 Watkins Leadership Conference! I think the