I Always Tell People Not To Sell Watkins Products

I started a new category on our Just Go Natural Blog called our Secrets and so far our secrets have remained that! Mainly because I forgot! About the Our Secrets Category! So, truth is, with Watkins, there are very few, if any secrets! There's no real secret to our success, just consistency, persistency, and lot's

Let Watkins Take Care Of Sending Gifts To People On Your List

Just in time for the holiday season, let Watkins take care of sending gifts to the people on your list. In addition to the holidays, the program is perfect for a birthday, anniversary, or even a just thinking of you gift. Sending your personalized, thoughtful Watkins gift is easy: Visit JustGoNatural.com (Our Online Watkins Store) [caption id=attachment_719 align=alignleft

Watkins Personal Care Product Training Conference

So, for those of you who missed our recent Watkins Personal Care Product Training Conference Call with Carmen Mir, Watkins Senior Leadership Development Manager, I've posted links here for the Audio Recording and PDF Power Point Presentation. Click here for the Watkins Personal Care Product Training Conference and Click here to follow along with the Watkins