We Will Be Remembered By Our Acts Of Kindness

As we enter 2013, we reflect back on 2012, and remember the acts of kindness shown to us! Each day I look forward to reading My Daily Insights which I have delivered to my Inbox. This morning I went searching for My Daily Insights as I wanted to share something with You as a way of

New Watkins Products Associate In Carbonear Newfoundland

A you know if you've been reading our Blog for awhile, there is a tremendous opportunity for people in Newfoundland in regards to Watkins! As of Dec 2010 there were only about 22 Watkins Associates in all of Newfoundland and Labrador! Being mainly an Island Community and only having become part of Canada in 1949

Discover Our Secret To Success Online

Although, as you know, the main topic of this Blog is Watkins and the experiences we have, and have had, in our Watkins Business. However, from time to time, for the good of our Associates, and others who are looking to become successful online. We used to host websites and help small business people online,