Special Thank You To Bob Janet For His Letter To The Competition

Every once in awhile I begin reading material by someone I very quickly relate to and know that they too have been in the trenches!

I have spent nearly 35 years in sales and marketing and can spot hype and dream sessions very quickly.

Likewise I can spot someone who has learned, often the hard way, how to sell, care for customers, and earn what they are worth!

You see, I honestly believe most people, who have jobs, are paid more than they are worth!
Yes, I know, many of you just turned off! Yet, those few who realize what I mean, and what I’m about to explain,
are those who wish you could be paid what you are worth!

You see, the only way to truly be paid what you are worth is to become a Commissioned Sales Person!

Now, that’s not as bad as you may think! You can often set your own hours, work a flexible schedule, and
control what you earn by the hours you put in! Same can be said for Small Business Owners!

However, how do you learn to do, in the time you have, the things that allow you to maximize your earning, getting the most out of the time you put in!?

You can go it on your own, and after years of experience, you can probably sort out the things that give you the most bang for your buck!

Or, you can tie your attention on those who have done it, and continue o do it, and learn to do what they are doing!

However, with so much information available, how do you wade through the mass of hype, dreamers, and BS’ers!?

One way is to tie into practical trainers, who offer real, helpful, how to, not what to, do tactics and training!

However these people are far and few between! Yet, I think I’ve found one! Bob Janet!

While reading Bob’s Free Sales Tips, I recalled many of the things Bob mentions as being many of the most practical tips and techniques I’ve learned in over 30 years in Sales and Marketing! I highly respect Bob, and his teaching, and I’ve not even met, or spoke to him yet!

Bob teaches “Do Not Accept Reality”… I’ve long believed “Reality” is in the eye of the beholder!
Even when times are “Tough” and during “Market Slowdowns” there are those who continue to sell, build successful businesses, and
the biggest reason is their attitudes! They refuse to accept other peoples “Realities”
Here’s a great example from Bob’s Sales Tip “Do not accept the reality”

Another one of bob’s tips asks… “Who should you be listening to?
Often we get so set in our ways, we become blind to our customers needs,
or new ways of doing things, and often miss out on buying signals,
and new opportunities!

When it comes to Opportunities, Bob says, “Successful salespeople keep jumping
I don’t think He means jumping ship! Leaving where you are for greener grasses,
the grass is always greener over the septic tank!

However, when we become complacent, we stop jumping at opportunities that come our way! Don’t become complacent!

Finally, and I don’t like this one! No I don’t like it at all… Bob’s “Thank you letter to my competition

The reason I don’t like it is, it speaks directly to me!
It speaks to me, as the one receiving the Thank You Letter from one of My Competitors!

In the letter, Bob says,
(I’m paraphrasing Here…)

“Thank you for cutting back on your efforts to expand your customer base and help your customers buy your products, and for assuming your customers would stay with you when you cut back your service to them and allowing me to get my foot in the door when they felt neglected making it much easier for me to become the seller they count on being there when they make a buying decision allowing my sales professionals and support staff to become the experts in the market.”

Now, just so You don’t get mad at Bob, this letter was not actually written to me!

However, it speaks directly to what I’ve been doing with my own Customers, and the bad habits I’ve been developing!

I’m hesitating posting this here… but I now know what I have to do, that I have an obligation to not only my Customers, but to myself, and to Watkins!
As well as to those of you who are on our Watkins Sales Team! As a Team, we are doing incredibly good! Sales are up 149% thus far this year and
that’s actually been my excuse for getting sloppy in caring for, attending to, and further expanding my own Customer Base!

So, the reason I post this here, although it’s got to be one of the toughest things I’ve ever had to do, pointing out my own short comings,
I want you, the members of our Watkins Team, to know what can happen, and I don’t want it to happen to You too!

I need to be focusing not only on my Team, and Team Training, and Team Sales, but also on my own training and sales, and Customers,
and thus lead by example, and by putting it out here, in such a candid way, not only allows me to share it with you, as a warning not to let it happen to you and your customers, but to allow me to move forward and lead by example in my own sales and customer service!

So, know that I’m rededicating my self to personal sales, customer care, and to you the valued members of our Watkins Team.

I hope that my being candid may, you in some way, be helped by this!

I also hope that you’ll join me as we strive together as a Team, and as Individuals, to provide the best Customer Service possible,
and to be more in touch with our customers, and helping them meet their needs with Watkins Products!

Doing so will help them, and it will help each of us become more successful and that will make our Team and Watkins a stronger force for good as we work with Watkins to become the “Most Trusted Natural Products Company”!

Oh, yes, let us also say a Special Thank You To Bob Janet For His Letter To The Competition!

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