Sept 19th 2017 Marks Our 8 Year Anniversary

While JR Watkins Products Company started way back in 1868 in Plainview, Minnesota. It was here in Caledonia, Nova Scotia that I started my journey with Watkins Products! Actually, it is the second time I’ve been a Watkins Products Consultant! I joined for the first time about 6 years before that! The first time I only stayed for about a year, and left. Although I always thought about coming back. Mainly because I love Watkins Products! So, on 19 Sept 2009 I rejoined Watkins here at The Caledonia Exhibition.

To be honest, my journey with Watkins began many years, even decades before! My Mom also loved Watkins Products and among other things we always had Medicated Ointment and Petro Carbo Salve on hand on the farm and around the house when I was growing up. Or at least as often as we could find the Products!

Today, it can be even harder to find Watkins Products! In those early days people came Door to Door, Business to Business, and Farm to Farm, with Watkins Products. Today, what I hear most often is that people love the Products but don’t know anyone in their area who they can get it from! Likewise I hear similar from many of our new Watkins Products Consultants, many of whom say they never knew it would be this easy! They often say, “I never knew it would be this easy! People just need someone to buy it from!”. Certainly this has been our experience and building on that I became 1 of 19 Executives in May of 2017, just a few months ago, and a few months short of celebrating our 8 year mark as a Watkins Products Consultant!

Today, it sort of seems suiting to be here, as a Watkins Products Vendor, at the Caledonia Exhibition where I got started 8 years ago! When I got started I had no plans of doing this as a Business! Yet, when I saw the Customer demand, and the real need for Watkins Products and finding more people to become Watkins Products Consultants! It certainly provides a wonderful opportunity to anyone who wants to treat it like a Business and put the effort into making it work! Working it like a Business!

Suffice to say, 8 years later, I am an Independent Executive with JR Watkins Products Company and I am very happy! 😉

We still need Reps, so if You or someone You know, would

Make a great Watkins Products Consultant

Please call Me Toll Free: 877-822-8463

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