We Are Proud Of Our Watkins Associate Team

Often, here on our Blog, we tell what we do for our Customers and Associates, and how good Watkins Products are, and what an amazing company Watkins is and how great it is to be part of our Watkins Business because of the awesome support team we have in the way of Angela Horsfall (My Watkins Sponsor), Dawn Thompson (Watkins Bronze Manager), and Keith & Karen Hagan (Watkins Gold Executives). However, today I want to dedicate this Blog Post to our Watkins Associate Team. We are proud of our Watkins Associate Team.

In our previous Blog Post we mentioned our focus on three key Associates who were striving toward reaching new levels in May; sadly none of them made it!

However, they and others, all worked toward their goals…. that to us is even more important than whether or not anyone person reached their monthly sales goal!

Since there are no minimums, nor quotas with Watkins, we all order what we want when we want, and that makes it work well for all Associates. Regardless if an Associate is simply buying to receive a 25% discount on their own Products, or if they are treating Watkins like a Business and earning a good second or full time income!

So, what I mean is, that though we encourage people to reach their goals, and the rewards that come with them, we are proud of the effort our Associates put forth in striving toward their goals.

The three Associates we focused on in our last Blog Post were Phillip Waddell our Watkins Associate in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia, who was working toward Bronze Consultant Level of about $700 in Sales with 500 Product Points. Ryan & Christine our Watkins Associates in Sudbury, Ontario who in their first full month with Watkins were striving to reach Silver Consultant Level with about $1400 in Sales with 1000 Product Points. The third person we focused on was Elaine Bowers our Watkins buy online Associate in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, who was striving for Her first month at Watkins Manager Level of about $2800 in Sales with 2000 Product Points.

Although none of them reached their goal, they all overcome incredible odds and reached new sales volumes and received rewards they’d not otherwise have obtained!

Phillip Waddell reached His highest sales month to date, with personal sales of over $500 and Group Product Points of 454.4 , and did so while fighting a terrible flu and working at his job, and preparing to move to his new home! That’s a lot for anyone to deal with! Yet, Phillip Waddell rose to the occasion and did his best! That’s all any of us can do!

Ryan & Christine really impressed us as they launched their Watkins Business with sales of over $1000 in sales of Watkins Products in their first full month as new Watkins Associates in Sudbury, Ontario. This is very impressive, considering they did this in their first month while they were learning the ropes, finding new Watkins Customers, and promoting Watkins Products! Though they did not reach their goal of Silver Consultant we are very proud of them and they did reach Bronze Consultant with much room to spare!

Then their Elaine Bowers, who worked with the 2011 Canadian Census, and still managed to hold 3 or 4 Watkins Tasting Events and turned in incredible sales of about $2500 and surpased the required 1500 Product Points needed for Gold Consultant. I believe this was Elaine’s most successful month so far, and She must have had earnings of over $800!!! Which is pretty good considering the average time per Tasting Event is about 4 – 5 hours, with prep and closing time. Meaning that Elaine earned about $40/hour! Not bad at all for being in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia with a population of about 27,000 where the average wage is only about $10/Hr.

Though we’re proud of these Watkins Associates, we are proud of all our Watkins Associates who make time in their lives for Watkins. Not everyone is gearing for higher levels, not everyone wants to earn an income! Some Watkins Associates simply buy for their own 25% Discount, others just share their Watkins Catalog with friends and family, and yet when it all comes together it works, and works well.

As a result we had our second best month since we joined Watkins about 20 months ago!

We had Team Sales of over $6000 for the month of May 2011!

This makes us very thankful, very appreciative of all our Watkins Associates!

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