Our Experiences With Our Watkins Business

When we first come to Watkins it was 6 years ago, the first time! I watched the Bill Porter Story and went online and joined with the first Web Site to Pop up!

The people we joined with were nice enough, but the training was lacking and it really seemed more like that Group was more interested in numbers than people and genuine sales!

Now, let me say, I did get some useful training and experiences the first time around! Yet, when my Enroller dropped out and the local Market where I was selling Watkins Products closed I let my Membership Lapse!

Although my Membership lapsed, and the years passed, mentally I never really left! I knew it was a good Company, with Great Products, and if nothing more I’d rejoin someday even if it was just to buy my own products at wholesale and save 25%!

So, last Sept, 2009, when our neighbour come in our yard  and told us about His Mother-In-Law who could not go and buy Pepper and other Products in the Stores; due to Her allergies and problems with Gluten I had a pretty good idea what He meant!

Yet, I asked Him, “What do you mean?”

He said that because of the flour, and other fillers, in Store Brand products She could not buy Pepper and other products in the Store!

Well, actually it didn’t surprise me! Since I had sold Watkins previously I knew online about the fillers, flour and other nasties, that Store Brand Products include!

Normally we’re only told about these by our Doctors when they cause a problem for us… otherwise they go along undetected!

I also knew that Watkins Products do not contain any fillers, nor do they, as a rule, add MSG to any food items! (The only exception is the Seasonally Available Baked Potato Soup!)

So, I told Him to go see Angela Horsfall or Dawn Thompson at the Annapolis Market and get some Watkins Products… I remember thinking to myself, as he drove out the yard, …. “I’m planning to rejoin Watkins someday and here I am sending one of my customers to someone else!”

Well, sometimes I’m sure God looks down and smiles, the next week we were at the Caledonia Exhibition and there were Angela and Dawn!

I remember telling them, ” I may only sell $200 worth of stuff in the year and earn enough to cover my Membership Fee; and have the products there for our neighbours when they wanted to oder them.”

What happened in the year since has been surprising, yet, that is better left for another Blog Post!

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