New Compensation Plan For All Watkins Consultants Begins 1 Sept 2014

New Compensation Plan For All Watkins Consultants Begins 1 Sept 2014.

It’s going to streamline the way we do things, provide Free Shipping and Handling to Customers who place Orders of $100.00 using their Watkins Membership (Limited Time: Watkins Membership Special Just $19.95) and make it easier to earn more, and reach new pay levels for those who do Watkins as a Business! (Click Here for Business Info)

So, the Watkins Home-Based Business Opportunity is changing on September 1, 2014. The purpose is to simplify the business and to make it easier for all consultants to grow their business and succeed. The current compensation plan (which has been in place since 1999) WILL END on August 31, 2014.

So, please recognize that the Compensation information listed on other areas of this website maybe outdated come 1 Sept 2014.

However, these changes, and the factors that lead to our success remain the same: just use Watkins products and share the story about our great products and business opportunity with others. That is what it takes to build a successful Watkins Business! In fact many who are top performing Watkins All Stars today have one main thing in common! Using Watkins s Products

Key points about these changes include…

1. Free Shipping on orders over $100 for everyone with a Watkins Membership

2. Better reward those consultants who take action to sell more products.
Consultants who focus on doing a modest or high level of retailing ($250 or more in monthly sales) will likely find they will earn more on this plan!
With the possibility of earning as much as 47% on Personal Sales!

3. Sponsoring other team members will continue to be rewarded as well, through Achievement Level Bonuses. With earnings of up to 12% on Group Sales. (Sponsoring is Optional – But Highly Rewarded)

4. Point values of products are being re-aligned (making it easier to reach Achievement Levels and qualify for more Achievement Level Bonuses).

These are the 4 Key Components, and while for some Consultants, these changes won’t be a big deal. For others, this may represent a significant change with some people will seeing the opportunity to make more money!

As a result we are looking for New Team Members who are interested in Selling Watkins Products, Developing a Sales Team, or a combination of both! Even if You’d just like to look after a few Customers each month You can earn more! For example, do just 10 Sales of $25 in a month and We can show You how to earn 27-30%. Interested in learning more, or getting started? Please visit

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