Independent Watkins Products Manager Views Completing LinkedIn Social Profile As Enriching Experience

I’ve recently completed my LinkedIN Profile and I found it to be a very rewarding and enriching experience! You see, in order to complete a LinkedIn Profile you have to ask people for recommendations! It seems a bit of an odd exercise at first, especially if you, like me, are not used to other people recommending you, however it’s quite a rewarding process.

When you send out requests to friends, colleagues, and acquaintances, and they respond in a positive manner it makes you humble, not in a negative way, but to think that there are people who truly are willing to provide you recommendations, especially when they do so in a sincere manner. We, or at least I, seldom take the time to tell others how much they means to us or let them know what we think of them. So, when someone takes the time to do so it is humbling.

As a thank you, and a way to express my gratitude to those who recently wrote recommendations for me on LinkedIn I’m including here…

“Brian Hurlburt is a dynamic leader and great visionary. He has consistently exceeded his goals, and this year has achieved Watkins All Star Status. In 2010, Brian was recognized as Watkins New Manager of the year. He continues to excel and shine in his role as a Watkins Leader.” November 14, 2011 >>> Carmen Mir, Senior Leadership Development Manager, Watkins Inc.


“Its a pleasure to write something about Brian. I have known Brian for a very long time and he is so knowledgeable in many fields but the one I used his services the most was in computer advice and programs he has helped me with. He is very professional and has a great personality. I also placed adds on his web site and that was great exposure. He success in basically everything he attempts … ” November 10, 2011 >>> Ann Clow,


“Brian is a self-motivated entrepreneur who firmly believes in a strong work ethic. Very detailed oriented and a successful manager, adept at building and maintaining a vibrant sales force. A strong motivator of people and a person who takes pride in seeing others succeed.” November 10, 2011 >>> Greg Hill, Owner, GBK Retail


“Brian W. Hurlburt, Independent Watkins Manager ID#34298  has supported a number of All Breed Championship Dog Shows in Atlantic Canada. Using his engaging personality and strong understanding of the Watkins products and services Brian has quickly established a client base with the dog show community and other markets.” November 11, 2011 >>>
Mark Grant – Show Superintendent

I sincerely thank all these who have sent me their recommendations over the past few days and greatly appreciate you all.

If you’re reading this and you’d like to learn more about how I can put my skills and abilities to work for you as we work together toward our mutual success in Watkins, please feel free to contact me, and together we’ll see if Watkins is the right fit for you.

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