Independent Watkins Manager Brian Hurlburt Recognized As Honored Member Of Stanford Who’s Who

Independent Watkins Manager Brian Hurlburt recently received a certificate of recognition from Stanford Who’s Who and has qualified for inclusion in the 2010 Stanford Who’s Who Black Book.

Inclusion in the Stanford Who’s Who Black Book is limited to those individuals who have demonstrated outstanding leadership or achievement in their occupation, industry, or profession.

Upon acceptance into Stanford Who’s Who, members are awarded a certificate of recognition. Each certificate is personalized and provides authenticity and serves as a third party endorsement of business and personal achievement.(View Certificate)

The Stanford Who’s Who Marketing and Research Department looks for accomplished individuals who would benefit most from our networking resources. These are people who we feel are on a path to future success either because of their past accomplishments, status in their field, or their credentials. Stanford Who’s Who uses a variety of resources to identify Individuals who are affiliated with professional associations and societies and attend core events within their field, as they have sought enrichment within their career fields and participate in activities that extend beyond the workplace. These are the executives, professionals and entrepreneurs who Stanford Who’s Who actively seek out and select as candidates for the Stanford Who’s Who Registry.

Brian Hurlburt has been awarded the Stanford Who’s Who Certificate in the area of
Business Services Entrepreneur with expertise in Marketing, Team Building, and Business Management, in dealing with Watkins Products and Online Marketing Services.

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Independent Watkins Manager ID#342198 Brian Hurlburt

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