It Truly Is Incredible What Can Be Accomplished With Watkins


I’m just reflecting on what a wonderful team of Watkins Associates we have!

How my thinking has changed from when I started..?

Starting out I was skeptical, knew after trying at least 6 other Home Based Businesses that it wouldn’t work and just wanting to get a 25% Discount on My own Watkins Products and to make it easier for a Neighbour to have Access to Gluten Free Products.
I certainly never dreamed that it would grow into what it has become!
It’s incredible when You think about it, how  I took $40 for  a Watkins Membership and over the past couple of years turned it into a Business with 80 some  Watkins Sales Associates with team Sales of nearly $15,000 monthly! With a quarterly increase of about 15% – 20%!
How I became one of 33 Watkins All Stars, qualified for a Trip to Cancun, Mexico, and enjoyed a Trip to Minneapolis and another one to Las Vegas where I was asked to speak on stage about “How Watkins has changed My Life!”
How, over the past 6 – 9 months, We’ve developed two new Watkins Managers and now in July one of them, Michelle Hurlburt, who joined our Watkins Team in November 2011 is going to qualify as a Watkins All Star in July, and quite possibly have Her first New Watkins Manager, in the same month!!!
Yes, I’ve gone from knowing it wouldn’t work… To knowing, as I told Michelle in November, that any time anyone has trusted us enough to take our suggestions and do the follow through they have become Gold Consultants or Managers within just a few months!
Now, seeing Michelle on the verge of becoming a Watkins All Star and developing a New Watkins Manager of Her own, it truly is incredible what can be accomplished with Watkins!
If You’ve been thinking about it, wondering if it’ll work for You, please contact me, Bronze Manager, Brian Hurlburt, at 877-822-8463 (Toll Free)
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