I Recieved a Beautiful Bouquet from Watkins for becoming an Executive

Some people work 40 plus years and get a Watch! In May 2017 I qualified as an Independent Executive with JR Watkins. Watkins Products Company. I joined in Sept 2009, and over the past 7 plus years I have developed a Team of about 700 Watkins Products Consultants who will do $1,000,000.00 in Total Team Sales this year! Or at least that’s our Impossible Goal! However, we truly have been truly blessed with an incredible Team and we are on track to do that and more! 

To qualify as a Watkins Executive one has to become a Watkins Manager, a Manager is someone who does about $2400.00 a month in personal, and/or Group Sales, and to be Executive one must maintain their Manager status plus develop 6 Personally Sponsored Managers, and a Team that produces about $60,000.00 in monthly Total Team Sales. In May our Total Team Sales were nearly $95,000.00. Not bad for a Business that can be started for as little as $29.95! Plus, we had 29 Managers on our Team, 23 of them dispersed under our Personal Managers. 

Now it becomes our Goal to help our Managers grow their businesses, and to continue to grow our over all Business to do $120,000.00 in Monthly Sales while developing 4 more Personal Managers, for the 10 Personal Managers and Total Team Volume needed to become a Silver Executive. It is our Impossible Goal to reach this next level of success within the next 6 months! I did say that was our Impossible Goal! More realistically, we are aiming at realizing that Impossible Goal by Nov 2018. 

That said, inorder to develop 4 New Personal managers over the next 6-18 months, we need to help at least 4 people become Independent Managers with Watkins! Managers average about $10,000.00 a year in Bonus Income working part time hours from Home! So, if You, or someone You know, are looking to earn a good part time, leading to possible full time income, contact us today! Call Me Toll Free 877-822-8463

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