Helping People Is What It’s All About For Me

Wow, well the speech went very well. I shared my life story, so that they could better understand how “Watkins Has Changed My Life”; which was the topic of my speech!

During my speech I spoke of my desire to help others, of how in my life due to low self esteem, self confidence, and self acceptance, issues I’ve also dealt with multiple addictions… alcohol, drugs, gambling, etc.

How, after years of working with, or for, other MLM, NWM, Home Based, and Direct Sales Companies I’d given up my goals and my dreams and how when I started with Watkins in Sept 2009 it was to get my 25% Discount, have Gluten Free products available for my neighbours, and that I was so cynical and so skeptical I didn’t believe Watkins would work, and definitely not for Me…. as I’d already tried at least 6 other Network Marketing Businesses, and I knew they didn’t work!

I shared how being here, in Vegas, and Speaking on Stage was fulfilling a Dream. How earning not only commissions, but bonuses, and Watkins reward points has given me prizes, cash, and free trips, and how that has helped me to over come my low self esteem, and boost my self confidence!

How this is what I try to instill in my Associates, and each one who joins My Watkins Team, and how I’m here to help…. and that if I can help even one, (Here in Vegas, or even here on FaceBook, then it’s all been worth it).

I also shared that for Me to “Win Big in Vegas” means my not having a dring, not touching drugs, and not putting money in the machines… and so far so good!!!

Then following My speech, among the accolades, and many thank you’s and kind comments, came one comment, that made it all worthwhile!

I was approached by an a person who said “You really touched my heart, I have a ____ (I’ll say family member), who is in Rehab, would You please write (My Family Member) a page of encouragement, I would appreciate it, and I want You to know, You’ve made my Conference!”

I’m thankful for this Person, and their willingness to approach me, and make that statement.

Fr, as I’ve said, if I can help just one person, here, or in life in general, then it’s all been worth it!

For me that’s what it’s all about!

Helping people, meeting them where they are, helping them however I can, and helping to build self esteem in each of our Watkins Associates, and others I know and meet, and seeing them helped, at least a little by the things I do, or say, these are the things that mean the most to Me, and truly what it’s all about!

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