FDA Warns Tourists of the Dangers of So Called Mexican Vanilla

FDA Warns Tourists of the Dangers of So Called Mexican Vanilla! 

According to the FDA, “Tourists tempted to pick up bargains south of the border should beware of one bargain that isn’t a good buy—a so-called “vanilla” flavoring or extract that isn’t vanilla flavoring or extract at all, but instead is made from a completely different plant material that contains coumarin. Coumarin is a substance with potential toxic side effects banned from food in the United States.”

The FDA goes on to say, “This flavoring product may smell like vanilla extract, taste like vanilla extract, and be offered at a cheap price, but it could present a significant risk to some people’s health.” (Click Here to read the FDA Report)

Another concern with Mexican Vanilla, even authentic Mexican Vanilla, is that in Mexico the laws that govern Chemical Spraying of Crops are more lax than in other areas, like Canada, the United States. 

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