Though We Failed To Meet Our Impossible Goals We Believe Our Watkins Products Associates Team Accomplished Great Things

The first part of June, we Set Impossible Goals and created the Blog Post:

Dare To Dream The Impossible Dream And Set Impossible Goals

Our Goals were impossible, in that they had never been met before! At least not by us!

However, our point was, in setting Impossible Goals, it’s alright to fail!
The important thing is to try, reach for something not previously obtained.
By setting Impossible Goals, it allows us to strive to do more, and yet,
not feel guilty about not meeting our Impossible Goals!

This comes from my deep seated disappointment, and paralysis, when I feel like I have to do something! When I set, realistic goals, that are just beyond my reach, I quickly become disappointed when I don’t reach my goals! (How’s that for a confession!)

However, I know in the past, with other sales companies, my Managers always encouraged me to set Goals, strive for more, and I always felt the burn and disappointment, when I failed to reach the goals! So I become discouraged and felt the reward was just out of reach, no matter what I did!

Now, you may think from this I was not very good at Sales! Not so!

I was with Combined Insurance three times, I was always in the top ten for new Combined Insurance Agents,
and yet, after a few months I became discouraged, disappointed, and quit!

I don’t want to quit Watkins, ever, I truly believe this to be the best opportubity, the best home based business, and I believe that anyone who applies themselves, even investing 10 – 20 hours weekly as I do can reach Manager Level and earn a good part or full time income with Watkins Business Opportunity!

So, I have learned to set impossible goals!

This may also seem like not setting goals at all!

Not So!

If we set no goals, we have nothing to strive for! We just drift along!

This is what happens to a number of new Home Based Business People,
they never set goals, drift along, and eventually quit because they don’t see any results!

Results follow actions, actions follow goals, and so we need Goals!

We also need commitment, to do something, and if we do something often enough, good things will follow!

So, to keep myself motivated, and hopefully encourage our Associates to do the same, I set Impossible Goals!
Read our Blog Post: Dare To Dream The Impossible Dream And Set Impossible Goals

Our Impossible Goals for June were…
Add 10 – 12 new Associates to our Team
Hold 15 Tasting Events, and
Reach $7000 (5000 Product Points) in Group Sales

We failed! Or did we!?

We actually succeeded! We accomplished great things we’d not have accomplished otherwise!
So, we’re very proud of all our Watkins Associates who tried!

So, what did we accomplish?

We had Group Sales of about $3800 (2713 Product Points)
Which is an increase of over 500 Product Points over the same month last year, and
brings us to nearly $50,000 in Group Sales over the past 12 months!
(Our Associates are awesome!!!)

We had at least four or five Tasting or Living Naturally Events held by the Associates in our Group and to put that in perspective,
last year we probably didn’t have that many Events in our first 6 months! (Did I mention … Our Watkins Associates are awesome!!!)

One of our Awesome Watkins Products Associates is Elaine Bowers of Brenton, Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia…. Elaine, a new Associate who joined our Team in Oct 2010, is quickly becoming a Top Associate in regards to the number of Tasting & Living Naturally Events She holds and the Sales they Generate! Watkins has been running a contest called the “Living Naturally Spring Incentive” and hold 12 Living Naturally Events during April, May and June and must have total event sales of $4,800 USD or $7,000 CAD from April 1-June 26.

The top three Associates in this contest were

Lois Ballard 13 $7,317.93
Dawn Thompson 12 $11,076.08
Elaine Bowers 11 $6,083.31

Both Lois Ballard and Dawn Thompson are champoins who have been with Watkins for Years and have thus accumulated a large number of customers and vast product knowledge and undoubtedly every angle! Now, that’s not to take away from Lois or Dawn, both are awesome Associates, Dawn Thompson is our Upline Bronze Manager, however they have such experience to see Lois and Dawn at the Top is not so surprising as it is to see a new Associate, Elaine Bowers, become their rival! (Of course it’s a friendly rivalry!)
Congratulations to all!!!

Now, not only did we have great sales, wonderful Tasting and Living Naturally Results, but we also had new Associates join us in several areas! I’m going to stretch this a little bit, as one of these joined the 3st of May, I sort of included them when setting the Impossible Goals! So, we had two new Watkins Products Associates in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. Two new Watkins Products Associates in Digby County, Nova Scotia. As well as the first of many Watkins Products Associates in Newfoundland!

This added 5 new Watkins Products Associates to our Watkins Products Associates Team!

These new Watkins Products Associates include:

Eric S Winsor
Watkins Associate ID#392984
Port Hawkesbury, Cape Breton, NS
Phone:  902-625-2777

Dianne Lalonde
Watkins Products Associate ID#393025
C/o Myrtle & Rosie’s Ice Cream Parlour
Bear River, Digby County, NS
Phone:  902-467-0176

Ladies Auxillary. Br. 20 Royal Canadian Legion Digby
Watkins Products Associate ID#393059
Digby, NS
Phone:  902-467-3671

Heather Davis
C/o Sugen Reasearch
Watkins Products Associate ID#393157
Cheticamp, NS
Phone:  902-224-1572

Eric Feltham
Watkins Products Associate ID#393220
Glovertown South, NL (Newfoundland)
Phone:  709-533-9610

We welcome all of these New Watkins Associates to our Watkins Team and look forward to helping you all reach your goals!
Dare To Dream The Impossible Dream And Set Impossible Goals

If you would like to be part of our growing and happening Watkins Team we invite you to contact one of our Watkins Products Associates or call Brian Hurlburt, Independent Watkins Manager, toll free at 877-822-8463.

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