Experiences In Our Watkins Business When Our Skepticism Turned To Believe And We Acted On Faith

Ok, so I know, long title!

However, I want to tell you straight up, I’m excited, October was an absolutely thrilling month for us and so if I sound like I’m hyping it up! I’m not, I’m actually trying to tone it down!

Why, because in our experience Watkins doesn’t need to by hyped up, it is what it is and for most people it just makes sense! You pay $39.95 and save 25% on your own products for an entire year! The products are natural, organic, and gourmet, with the best quality and least amount of chemicals and toxins avaiabe anywhere and are backed by Watkins’ 142 Year Old reputation as the, First Company Ever, to offer a Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee! There’s no way to go wrong! (Ok, so that may be a little Hype! Yet it’s absolutely true!)

Now, to get myself back on course!

If you’ve read our previous Blog Posts Our Experiences With Our Watkins Business and Our First Years Experience With Our Watkins Business Then you know that our first year with Watkins was hindered mainly by my own skepticism and, despite myself, we reached Manager Level and earned many bonuses and Much recognition!

Then came October 2010, and here’s what happened and our “Experiences In Our Watkins Business When Our Skepticism Turned To Believe And We Acted On Faith”

I set an Impossible Goal, again after having such great success doing the impossible in Sept. 2010, you’ll read about that in previous Bog Posts!

Our Impossible Goal for October was to have us, and our Groups Associates, do a total of 15 Watkins Tastings! Previously we’d probably only done about 3 – 4 in any one month!Well, we ended up with a total of about 7 Tastings in October and probably about another 10 – 15 leads and or (already booked) for October and even a couple for December! As good as that is, it’s only part of what happened!!!

What happened as a result of these Tastings is what I’m really excited about!

Without getting into all the numbers!

Our Business Sales Volume Doubled!

We helped one of our New Associates, clavulin href=”http://www.watkinsonline.com/fiander” target=”_blank”>Lisa Fiander,  get to Manager Level in Her 1st month (Way to go Lisa!) Who also helped Her Sister Carolyn Dentremont to reach Silver Consultant Level in Her 1st Month and to enroll Carolyn’s first 2 Associates!

Now, that’s still not all…

We also helped one of our other New Associates Helen Cushing of Caledonia to reach Bronze Manager Level!

Wait, that’s not all folks!…

Yet another New Associate, Valerie Palmer, of Palmers Draperies in Lunenburg,  also become a Bronze Consultant!

Now this would have been plenty, far more than I would have expected!

Yet, one of our Associate ordered the Watkinize your Home Kit, which meant a Bonus of $168!!! That’s in addition to our reular income!

So, what happens, and what  Experiences did we have In Our Watkins Business When Our Skepticism Turned To Believe And We Acted On Faith!

Unbelievable growth, bonuses, personal growth, and oh, so much more!

So, if you want more out of life, even if it’s just to buy your groceries, Watkins Products, at wholesale and save 25% contact me and we’ll talk!


Brian Hurlburt
Watkins Manager
(Associate ID# 342198)
TF: 1-877-822-8463
Email: BrianWHurlburt @ CanadianMarketingAssociates

Experiences In Our Watkins Business When Our Skepticism Turned To Believe And We Acted On Faith

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