Dare To Dream The Impossible Dream And Set Impossible Goals

Our best months have usually come when we have dared to dream the impossible dream and set impossible goals!

I’m not talking about hype, diamond rings, beautiful mansions, and sports cars, as is often, sadly, the case with many other home based businesses!

Watkins, thankfully, is not like that… we’re taught to be frugal, to make our family, friends, and even our jobs, a priority!

That although it is possible to make $20 – $40/hour or more with Watkins Tasting and Living Naturally Events, that it takes time to build a secure long term residual income.

Yet, I think it is important to dream, and to set what I refer to as impossible goals!

When I began to look at this as a real business and a way for us to be free from having to work regular jobs was last September, Sept 2010. We had some level of success before that, however my skepticism, left over from past involvement with other Home Based Businesses had held me back. Then in August 2010 we reached Watkins ManagerĀ  level for our third month in a row, we received a $500 Team Building Bonus and were featured on the Watkins Web Site in September.

So, in September, we decided to set an impossible goal!

I was never one to like impossible goals, as they are usually never reached!

However, last September I discovered their true importance!

We decided to add 8 new Associates to our Watkins Associate Team.
Although there are those who do this on a regular basis the most we had ever added to our Watkins Associates Team was 4 new Associates in March of 2010. I did that to prove this wouldn’t work! After all I had done far more work, and saw little if any results with other Companies! So, the idea of enrolling new associates was < not something that appealed to me, when urged to do so by our upline Bronze Consultant, Dawn Thompson, I did so in March to prove it wouldn't work! Guess what, I was wrong! Now, 14 months later 4 of our original 7 Associates have renewed and one of the one's who has not renewed has contacted me saying He plans to return! In an industry where 90% of new Associates are gone after 90 days, it's impressive to know we currently have a true annual renewal rate of about 60%. So, our goal for Sept 2010 was to add 8 new Watkins Associates to our Watkins Associate Team. It was an impossible goal for us! Meaning that since we'd never done it before it was impossible, at least for us! However, we personally enrolled 6 new Associates and helped one of them to enroll one, thus adding 7 new Watkins Associates to our Team! So, we failed! Or did we? We added 7 new Associates to our Team that we'd never have done in a month if we had not set an impossible goal! A goal that we had not reached previously! The following month, as a result of what we'd done in Sept. we had our best month ever! We did about $6500 in Group sales during October 2010, because we set an impossible goal in Sept.It was also helped by the fact that we also set an impossible goal in October! Our impossible goal for October 2010 was to have 15 Watkins Tasting Events held by our Team in October! Again, we failed! Or did we? In October our Team held about 7 or 8 Tasting Events and that was amazingly more than we'd done in the 9 months prior! Also, because of the Tasting Events we held in October, we held another 7 or 8 because of Bookings at the October tasting Events! We also began to sponsor, and have our Associates sponsor new Associates, like Lisa Fiander, and Elaine Bowers, who now use Watkins Living Naturally Events to promote their businesses! We've never hit that level again! The $6500 in Team sales we did in October 2010 or adding 7 new Watkins Associates to our Team in one month! We've done well, we now have over 30 Associates on our Watkins Sales Associates Team. We had over $6000 in Sales in May 2011, last month. However we've never really hit the level of Sponsoring, or Sales, that we had last Sept. and Oct. of 2010! So, what's the difference? Why are we not hitting these levels more often? We've stopped setting generic impossible goals!

We got into a maintenance mode!

Not daring to dream! Not setting impossible goals!

So, now it’s time to get back on track!

We’re once again going to dream, we are going to set impossible goals, and I’m writing about it here to help keep myself accountable!

So, here it is…. Our Dream, our Impossible Goal, for June 2011…
We are going to …
Add 10 – 12 new Associates to our Team
Hold 15 Tasting Events, and
Reach $7000 (5000 Product Points) in Group Sales

To further show my commitment to making this happen I’m going to make it a personal goal to sponsor 8 new Associates and sell $1400 (1000 Pts) in Watkins Products this month! (June 2011)

We invite all of You, our Associates, our Customers, and our Readers, to help make this happen!

If you have questions, would like to receive Free Watkins Products by having us come and hold a Watkins Tasting Event, or want information about saving 25% on your Own Products, or earning up to 39% for You or Your Group, or anything else related to Watkins Products, or Watkins Associates, please…
Contact Brian Hurlburt, Independent Watkins Manager, ID#342198
Or phone me Toll Free at 877-822-8463.

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