Digby Scallop Days Off To An Amazing Start

Despite weather difficulties Vendors report Digby Scallop Days are off to an amazing start!

When asked how He feels Scallop Days Sales are going for the Vendors, Brian Hurlburt, Independent Watkins Manager, states, “It sort of got off to a low start, however by Thursday evening things seemed to be coming together! I know we did about double the sales we did on Thursday last year!”

Other Vendors, both at the Digby Area Lions Club Crafters and Farmers Market in the Digby Mall and on the Digby Waterfront seemed to be up beat and positive by days end and many smiling faces could be seen among Vendors and Attendees as well.

So, with weather reports promising to have more sun than clouds, it seem s to be shaping up for an amazing Scallop Days for both Vendors and attendees.

Vendors seeking indoor space are encouraged to phone 902-245-5509 and book a space at the Lions Club Crafters and Farmers Market in the Digby Mall.

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