Customer Demand For Watkins Products Goes Beyond Christmas Gift Giving

While 5 December 2013 is the last day to order your Watkins Products and have them delivered before Christmas it is reassuring that
Customer Demand For Watkins Products Goes Beyond Christmas Gift Giving!

There are companies that rely on the Christmas Shopping Season for 60% or more of their years sales, days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday are used as guides to over all Christmas spending, and although people were out in droves, their spending was down! Not surprising really, many families are feeling the pinch, sagging economies, low minimum wages, and an over all concern for family budgets, means people are spending less on things they don’t need! Things like jewellery, cookware, gifts, and other luxuries are less sought after!

Unfortunately businesses that rely on Christmas spending, that focus on things like jewellery, cookware, gifts, and other luxuries, both in traditional sales, and home business sales, may suffer!

However, as families look for ways to save money on their basics, things like Pepper, Cinnamon, Vanilla, Soup, and Personal and Home Care Products, our Sales with Watkins remain strong!

When we look at Watkins Soup Mix and realize there’s about 50 Servings in a container that sells for about 24 cents per serving, or about $11.99, and yet provides top quality ingredients, it’s no wonder people turn to Watkins even more during times like these! As a result we are seeing record sales, and many of our Watkins Products Consultants are reaching new and higher levels for sales and accomplishments! Making now a great time to be a Watkins Products Consultant.

The nice thing in all of this is that while today, 5 Dec 2013, is the last day to order Watkins Products for Pre-Christmas arrival, people will continue to order Watkins Products tomorrow, and next week, and into the New Year of 2014. While we see increased sales prior to Christmas, our Sales traditionally stay strong year round. With our December, and New Year Sales maintaining about 80% of the volume seen during the Christmas Rush!

All of this works together for a solid business, with on going sales, and accomplishments, for our Watkins Products Consultants!

Now, ask yourself, are you looking to Save money on Your Grocery Bill? Would you like to help others do the same?

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