We Really Contribute Our Success In Large Part To Our Watkins Support Team

We’ve talked before about our Online Success, how GVO has taught us to become successful Online, yet We’ve never really mentioned our Watkins Support Team!

I guess sometimes we take them for granted!

Yet, when it comes to Watkins, we have an unparalleled Support Team!

Our Watkins Support Team is made up of three main parts, our Upline (Line of Sponsorship), Watkins Corporate Support Staff, and Watkins Distribution Staff (Including the good folks at Purolator and Canada Poste).

Thanks to those who work in our Distribution our orders are always processed in a timely manner and I usually have my order within a week or less from the time I place my order online, or by phone!

I think that’s great, as it allows me to order what I want when I need it, without having to keep an inventory!

I also appreciate the fact that we, myself, our Associates, and our Customers, can pick up the phone and talk to a real person!Ask questions, place orders, and shop in confidence knowing that they are not only receiving the best possible Customer Service, but also are backed by Watkins 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee!

Whether it’s a Customer looking for information about specific Watkins Products or wanting to place an order, or an Associate looking for answers to their questions, our Watkins Corporate Staff is there to Help!

The Corporate Staff at Watkins provides more than just Product information and take orders. They are an integral part of our Support Team! They look after our E-Associate Web Sites, the Main Watkins Web Sites, and process the paper work, take orders, answer questions, and take an active interest in seeing us succeed!

Then there is our Upline Support Team, these are the people who make the most difference in our success with Watkins. The reason I say that is everyone that joins Watkins has the Corporate Staff and Distribution People to look after them!

So, then, why is not every Team of Watkins Associates becoming as successful as we are!?

You see, when you pay your $39.95 and Join Watkins as an Associate, you get a Basic Membership. You save 25% on your own products, and can earn up t 39% selling Watkins Products. You get the support of Corporate Staff, and have the Distribution People look after your products. However, there is something more! A secret to success if you will!

That secret i the synergy that comes with being part of our Team, we as individuals carry a certain power within ourselves to buy be able to succeed. However the power of joining a Team of Top Performers allows for a real synergy not found elsewhere!

Merriam Webster defines Synergy
2: a mutually advantageous conjunction or compatibility of distinct business participants or elements (as resources or efforts)

technical: the increased effectiveness that results when two or more people or businesses work together

That is what awaits a New Associate that joins our Watkins Team.

When a person, let’s say You, join Us You become part of our Watkins Associate Team.

You can tap into my 30 plus years of Direct Sales and Marketing Experience and Business and Personal Self Development Training.

You benefit from knowing my Enroller, Angela Horsfall, and Her wonderful support and encouragement. She’s like the wind beneath our wings!

You benefit from the Training provided by our Bronze Manager, Dawn Thompson, and draw on Her 17 years of Watkins experience. As Mom of three daughters in a one parent family Dawn left Her career in Nursing and began doing Watkins full time so the time flexibility it afforded Her meant She could spend more time with Her family and still earn enough income to raise Her three daughters on Her Watkins Income!

You benefit from learning from the training and experience of by, Top Watkins Executives Keith & Karen Hagen. Keith & Karen have been with Watkins for about 23 years and though Karen originally joined Watkins just for the Products, with no interest in building a Watkins Business, in Her third year Karen did over a Million Dollars in Business with Watkins! Today Keith & Karen enjoy a lifestyle enjoyed by few outside of Watkins and have the income and time flexibility to enjoy it!

Yes, when You join Us as a new Watkins Associate you really have what I believe is the best chance for success! A Team, where we help each other succeed, provide and tap into Individual and Team Training and Support. The synergy, training, and support needed to succeed with Watkins.

For more information, or to Join our Watkins Team as an Associate, visit http://justgonatural.com or use the ContactMe or RingMe Buttons.

Brian Hurlburt     ID#342198
Independent Watkins Manager

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