Congratulations to our Incredible Watkins Products Team

Congratulation to our Incredible Watkins Products Team! We are so proud of You and All Your Accomplishments!!!

Over the past 4 Years since We began developing our Watkins Products Business there have been a total of 362 people join the Team! More surprising is that of those, there are currently 206 Team Members on the Team! Which means we have a retention rate of about 57% over a 4 year period!

Compare that to the traditional MLM, or Network Marketing Business model where 90% of New Consultants quit after 90 Days!

This speaks loudly to the Training, Support, Encouragement, and Development Time, we put into helping our Consultants to become successful! Combine that with a New Consultants ability to earn from 25% – 39% on Personal Sales in their first month, and the fact that Watkins has no minimum orders, nor monthly order requirements to maintain a Membership, and the reason our Watkins Products Consultants are succeeding!

… And succeeding they are!

Ovr all there are about 20,000 Watkins Products Consultants in all of Canada and the US and among them are approximately 476 Independent Managers! So, about 42 Consultants per Manager.

Whereas, on our Team of 206 Consultants there are 9 Managers, or about 22 Consultants per Manager (On Average).

Which speaks loudly to the success of our Training, Support, and ability to work together as a Team to help insure the success of our Team Members! It also means that our Average Consultant is more successful, producing more sales, earning more commissions, and building more secure Businesses, because they are getting the Training, Support, and Ongoing Attention needed to succeed.

In fact on our Team (and I don’t even feel comfortable saying “Our” because it is all do to the willingness of our Team Members to trust us enough to take our suggestions and do the follow through, and their ability to work together to help and support each other that we are seeing such great successes!

Listed here are 60 Team Members who have promoted to one of Watkins Bonus Income Titles.
Because there are no minimums, nor quotas, required to maintain a Watkins Membership there are many who get their Watkins Membership to simply get their own Watkins Products at a Discount of at least 25%, often more than recouping their $39.95 Membership.

So, when we see that 60 Consultants, of our 206 Team Members acheiving one of these Accomplishments it speaks loudly to the training and support, and Incredible People who make up the Team. We are very proud of You All!!! 😉

Actually, we also recognize that for some of our Team Members, just getting your products at Discount, or sharing Your Discount with Friends and Family, or just earning an extra $100 – $200 a month is Your Goal! We congratulate You also, and everyone who has reached whatever level of success you desire. We like that Watkins allows each of us to work at our own pace!

Listed here, according to ID# and Highest Title obtained are our Bonus Income Earners…

Bronze Manager is someone who has not only reached Manager Level, but who has also helped two of those they’ve introduced Watkins to, to obtain Manager Level. Thus a Bronze Manager is a Manager who has developed at least 2 Personal Managers.

342198 Brian W Hurlburt Coal Branch NB
396249 Denise E LeBlanc Glenwood NS

Watkins Managers are Consultants who have produced 200 Personal Product Points (Approx. $3,000.00 Sales in Canada)
and maintained that for at least two consecutive months. Many of these Managers have maintained there Manager Title for consecutive years, not just the minimum number of months. Managers earn 39% on Personal Sales & up to 14% on Group Sales.

393712 Gerri Oickle Bear River NS
324082 Sue Lessard Sudbury ON
394479 Lois Titus Lougheed AB
394726 Michelle Hurlburt Yarmouth NS
396940 Kathy Collupy Shelburne NS
397373 Janet Perry Shelburne NS
398808 Jodie d’Entremont Arcadia NS
449557 Jennifer Uffelman Waco NE

Gold Consultants are those who have had at least one month with 100 Personal Product Points
and at least 1,500 Group Product Points, or about $2,250.00 in Sales in Canada.

390423 Lisa & Robert Fiander Barton NS
390978 Elaine Bowers South Ohio NS
399470 Carmen Waselick Elk Point AB
399631 Karen Murphy Lower West Pubnico NS
395522 Lisa Moore Coldbrook NS
396006 Denise M Leblanc Concessions NS
398860 Stephen Burt  Ogden UT
412766 Pamela Coutu Verner ON
431870 Elaine Welk Wilno ON
433869 Debra Davidson Iroquois Falls ON
475039 Melanie Kennedy Sarnia ON

Silver Consultants are those who have had at least one month with 100 Personal Product Points
and at least 1,000 Group Product Points, or about $1,4.00 in Sales in Canada.

395511 Jennifer Borthwick Canal NB
396953 Joni Thomas Rushville IL
399666 Helen Hahn Provost AB
399142 Wendy Lewis SAULT STE MARIE ON
410388 Christie Pollock Hopewell Cape NB
411329 Sylvia Collins Milton NS
412440 Kate Hulton Kingston ON
425419 Melody Hamilton Port Clyde NS
431842 Victoria Huskilson Lockeport NS
439201 April Hudder Killaloe ON
440723 Laura Storey Alliston ON
448946 Kathy Linn Claresholm AB
479253 Anna MacDonald West Bay NS

Bronze Consultants are those who have had at least one month with 100 Personal Product Points
and at least 500 Group Product Points, or about $750.00 in Sales in Canada.
390918 Valerie Palmer Lunenburg NS
395502 Tania Boudreau Shediac Cape NB
395535 Paul & Sherrie Schuchardt Tuttle OK
396120 Gary Pattin Suamico WI
396583 Cora Riley Kerrobert SK
397227 Laura Morton Glenwood NS
398377 Ruth Hurlburt Port Maitland NS
399442 Marechiel Santos Belleville WI
406313 Everly Larson Camrose AB
407146 Helene D’Eon Lower West Pubnico NS
418316 Sara Quinlan West Pubnico NS
426955 Kandis Schneehagen Nampa ID
425800 Renee Goguen St. Antoine NB
433870 Berthe Viau Cochrane ON
435624 Tammy Smith Ingomar NS
437189 Nathalie Boudreau Meteghan NS
440720 Kim Sergeant Straffordville ON
445185 Janay Moore Magrath AB
445358 Alicia Surette Wedgeport NS
450923 Melanie Piette Lavigne ON
452067 Terry and Linda Serson Gananoque ON
454637 Lisa Intili Belvidere NJ
469615 Lori and John Lo Faso Kingston ON
483556 Kimberly Barembruch White Court AB
483560 Terrie Core Forest ON
484906 Carolyn Rosteski Winnipegosis MB

* These figures should not be seen as projected earnings, nor potentials. Your success depends on your Individual Efforts.
* Product Points are an International unit of Measurement and represent approximately $1.40 per point in Canada and about $1.25 in the USA. Products Points, Bonus Amounts, and Dollar Amounts vary by Product, and may fluctuate.
* For actual income statistics please consult the Watkins Compensation Plan and Published Earnings Reports.

That being said, suffice to say We are blessed with a Team of Incredible People, Consultants who consistently go out and promote Watkins Products, Helping Customers save money and find safer products for themselves and their Families, and spend time helping others who…

Dare To Dream The Impossible Dream And Set Impossible Goals

In closing I want to Congratulate ALL our Watkins Consultants, from the Newest to the Most Seasoned, from those who do a little, to those who do a lot! We could never do what we do without You. Incredibly, because of the Combined Efforts of All Team Members we’ve just set a New Team Sales Record… Total Team Points over the past 12 months are 216,781 TDP or, about $303493.40 in Canadian Dollars. Up 114,158 Total Points, or about $159821.20 over same time last Year!!!

If You’d like more information on joining our Team, about Watkins Products, or earning an income with Watkins Products We’d love to talk to You. Contact me and we’ll help get you the information you need to determine if Watkins is the right fit for You too!

Have questions? Contact me…
Independent Watkins Manager
Brian Hurlburt (ID#342198)
Toll Free 877-822-8463


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